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    Love this report. No angling is more addictive than flyfishing for tarpon. I missed my normally scheduled trips this year but count me in as a possible boat partner for future trips. Especially since we live close by.

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    Sweet permit! Great post. Congrats on the marriage.

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    As a follow up to Zach’s post, I have to say that while the training was extensive, it did not consume a full year. We hatched the plan for this climb in January and started training at that time but then really ramped it up over the last twelve weeks. If anyone is interested, I based my plan on the program that can be found at the site below:

    I tried to follow this plan fairly closely with the main modification being that I substituted a lot of the runs with stairs at the gym. I heard a lot of stories beforehand about marathoners thinking that their typical training plans would work for this climb and then failing miserably, so I wanted to make sure that running wasn’t my only cardio. It is critical to train the muscles you will use and the stairs work well for this. By the end of the training, I was averaging 5-6 cardio workouts a week between 60 and 120 minutes.

    I think the biggest difference between a guided and unguided trip in terms of difficulty is the weight of the pack. With the guide outfits, a significant (and heavy) portion of the gear and food is already on the mountain waiting for you. Seeing those teams come up the mountain, I estimated their packs to be about 15lbs lighter on average which is substantial. That being said, a little overtraining is prudent if you plan to go unguided.

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    Control+alt+delete… You can thank me later. I know everything about computers, so just call me when you have questions like this.

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    Great post Steve. I know that is one you will remember forever. Thanks for sharing.

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    Pic 2 looks delicious. Elaborate please. That is something I would like to repeat…

    Welcome aboard.

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    Good stuff man. Glad yall had a good trip.

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    Looks like a great trip. I love the Cape. And I love even more the Indian Pass Raw Bar. That place is legit.

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    Wow Eric. Your stuff gets better and better. Great photos and great report.

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    Solid work man. It looks amazing.

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    Google “Go fish Belize”. Request Abby Marin. He can be a bit crabby, but he is a fishy dude and you will not regret it. I have fished with him several times and he is awesome. Might even have a shot at a permit. PM me with any questions or give me a call. Belize is sick!

    Ps. Congrats on getting married.

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    Looks great. Taking those rails off was a good idea.

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    To answer your question BD, Zach is building the world’s first $35,000 Gheenoe. The resale opportunities are not great but overall it is a worthwhile investment.

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    Weird…I don’t know what you are talking about. Is that some kind of phrase that internet people use?

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    Looks awesome man. If you are working on it this weekend, I can spare a few hours of labor. I work cheap….

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    I obviously cant tell you what Tim can, but I will weigh in with an unsolicited response and say that the mastery textured line is fantastic. I switched my 7 weight to that line last year and I absolutely love it. Summer time fishing for me involves all things warm water with some salt trips mixed in. From carp flats, to bass ponds, to coastal marsh that line handles everything well. I prefer it over any others I own.

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    Actually Zach, I did fill the front and rear decks with great stuff spray foam prior to clsoing them up.

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