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  • in reply to: Amazing Scenery in Utah #89049

    Incredible photos. Looks like a great trip.

    in reply to: Florida July 2015 #88916

    Well done as always Travis. Great report.

    in reply to: Sage Circa 8'9" fly rod for sale #88854

    Is this rod still available? I have a friend who might be interested.

    in reply to: Summer Stripers #88829

    Awesome. Glad to see you guys are getting into them.

    in reply to: Carp Season #88774

    That selfie stick is awesome Jay.

    in reply to: European Mount #88332

    Good looking mount. I like the way that one came out.

    in reply to: Got Him! #87978

    Holy crap! Congrats. That is ridiculous.

    in reply to: Yeti Soft-Sided Cooler #87848

    I am with Steve on this. I have a Yeti. But the only reason I have it is that it was cheaper than a poling platform and it keeps the beer cold at the same time. If I can’t stand on it, it ain’t worth much to me. This will not be on my wish list. Ever.

    in reply to: The Alaska Chronicles #87847

    I agree with this. Excellent book reco Zach.

    in reply to: Southern Striper Tour #87846

    You seem to almost always be getting it done. Great post.

    in reply to: Yoga Is Apparently Good for Permit Fishing #87845

    Ak’bol is where we stay when we go to Belize. It is only about 1/4 mile from El Pescador and the local guides will pick you up at the dock. Brooke does yoga and I fish. Can’t beat that. Plus the cabanas on the beach are super cheap and right on a bonefish flat. This girl figured it out…This is the way to have some epic Belize fishing on the cheap.

    in reply to: Company offers fly line in any color you want #76447

    This conversation is not really going anywhere. I thought we might get some real info on the lines but I am clearly talking to a wall. I’m out.

    in reply to: Company offers fly line in any color you want #76443

    Well, it looks like it’s my lucky day. I just mentioned to the woman who lets me live with her that it sure would be nice to have a hadron collider to put down at my cabin. She was in agreement. I was thinking it would be nice to have around at the barbecues when the fishing is slow. Also, it will give the moose something to talk about in the winter. You did not say how much they are but since I am sure you are totally honest and really know your thing, I’ll take one. If it works out as you promise and I know it will, I’ll get one for my neighbor to enjoy at his cabin. There are 13 cabins in my area and I bet everyone will want one. How much will shipping be? I am hoping you can get this in the USPS medium flat rate box. Are you also going to be marketing particles to use in the collider? Wow, I might want to be your Alaska distributor. As far as color, can you do something that will match my sweeties eyes?

    The Colliders are $20 and I can assure you that you will love them. Pretty much everyone does and I have also heard of people tweeting about them on Myspace (because of the colors they come in).

    in reply to: Company offers fly line in any color you want #76442

    Your lines are made overseas. That doesn’t bother me. I drove a Toyota one time.
    They come in neat colors. That is nice.
    They are inexpensive. That is a huge plus.
    But what the hell are you selling me? The only thing I care about when buying a line is how it is tapered, how it is constructed and what it is meant to do. Just provide us with some information on how these lines were designed to be fished and we will start listening. Until then I will tell you bluntly, no one on this board cares that you can give us lines in unique colors. Start selling your product for how it performs and not how it looks. I said that this board was not your target market because the people on this board fish A LOT and know what they want. If you can’t tell us something more than “people like them”, no one here is going to take you seriously.

    in reply to: Company offers fly line in any color you want #76436

    I honestly believe that if you gave us some relevant information about your product, you would have at least a few people on this forum interested in trying it out. So far you have offered up numerous posts that danced around every question posed and basically told us that people loved them because they were neat and good and come in pretty colors.

    While the users of this forum may not represent your target market, I do think your business plan is brilliant and I plan on ripping it off. Effective immediately I plan to construct and distribute Large Hadron Colliders (particle accelerators to the lay person), that are guaranteed to please even the most discriminating consumer. But here is the kicker…my Hadron Colliders come in any color your brain can dream up. And I mean ANY color.

    My hadron colliders come in medium and large at present, but we will be offering additional sizes as demand increases. These suckers are made in China and boy did I save nickel on that fact (not that it provides any benefit to you as the buyer). Everyone who uses my Colliders are telling me that they are indeed awesome as advertised. Take it from me as a person with no reputation in the industry that this is legit. Pretty much you can rest assured that you will have no idea what you are actually purchasing but I can flat guarantee you will love it. Anyone interested please PM me.

    in reply to: Orvis Dog of the Day #75541

    I see it a little differently…

    Only the rare individual will ever have the opportunity to proudly proclaim: “The Orvis dog of the day just took a #%&$ in my kitchen.”

    in reply to: Therapy #74417

    Awesome post Travis. Congrats on a great fish. I still want to hear more about the new boat as well. Have you had it in the water yet?

    in reply to: North Carolina Pig Pickin' #74395

    You better watch out Zach. It would be really embarrassing if your girlfriend could show you up in a casting contest…

    Tell Tracy i am impressed. Looks like a fun weekend.

    in reply to: Top Ten Fly Fishing Colleges #74237

    <cite>@kbilcher said:</cite>
    Outside, Forbes, Field and Stream publish this article or something similar every couple of years. However, it is groundbreaking in its own way: Posting pictures… of an article you wrote… containing hero shots… of yourself… on your own web site – holy crap! Now that’s classy. An amazing height of self promotion.

    Aren’t you a man of the cloth? Your posts would indicate the exact opposite. Nothing you post has ever been classy. I’m just sayin…

    in reply to: Photo Essay: Out West #53436

    Hero Shots…Of Yourself…On Your Own Site…

    Being a prick for no reason….to the creator….of a site you spend a lot of time on…..

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