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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    I need to move a bunch of photos into the Photoblog, but here’s a short summary. Carp season is on and should be super hot through the end of May (when I tend to switch over to stripers).

    Andrew Wright is not afraid to do what it takes to catch fish. He did indeed catch a carp that night, almost knee deep in the mud.

    This is a little more typical…

    Tracy and I got out yesterday and were also successful:

    She’s getting pretty good with the push pole. We had some serious wind to deal with yesterday.

    Colorful, no?

    Jay Malyon uses his original, absolutely-not-a-selfie-stick selfie stick to get Lakitu’s perspective…

    Boat looking good. I had inhaled a bunch of sand into the water lines at some point and kept having to clear it with weedeater line. Finally I just disassembled the hose leading to the tell tale exhaust and did that whippy-flippy thing around the garage, slinging sand everywhere. Probably had a cup of sand in the system. It ran *much* better once the impeller was freed up, and I learned a good lesson on watching the pressure on the telltale.

    Look how much sand there was, and this was before I slung the exhaust hose around.

    Jay MalyonJay Malyon

    I just googled “Lakitu” and started cracking up. And yes, that is absolutely not a damn selfie stick.
    Good job on sticking one yesterday. That is way more difficult than it looks.


    That selfie stick is awesome Jay.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Awesome time today guys, thanks. One thing’s for sure, we know what carp look like…

    Ty GoodwinTy Goodwin

    Nice. Loves me some carp. Been an exceptional year for them around here as well.

    Justin WittJustin Witt

    Hey Zach,

    Awesome post, and awesome boat! I have a question though:

    My Mom lives on a pretty decent size lake and I always fish for these things whenever I am up in the states and visiting her. Lots of days I would say they are one of my absolute favorite species of fish. Super spooky, super hard to figure out what they are going to eat and not eat any given day, and friggin’ huge (not to mention strong). What I am wondering though, is what are they? To me they look different than the carp in your photos above. I believe they are grass carp, but have never really been sure of my guess. Headed up there in July though (after Roosters in Baja!) and looking forward to wading the flats again. Let me know what you think these are and then plan on coming up to have a look at them yourself if you have time over the summer.

    Justin Witt
    Patagonia Unlimited
    Skype ID = justin.c.witt
    USA Office 1-404-783-2114
    Argentina Office 011-549-2945686798 (dialed from the United States)
    (02945) 15 686798 (dialed from within Argentina)

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Justin, definitely grassers. In our collective experience those are the hardest carp to catch, too. Good job! What’s the biggest you’ve landed? I’ve seen some approach 60 lbs. Had one destroy a bass bug of all things one time. I was SHOCKED! Promptly broke me off.


    Justin WittJustin Witt

    Yeah, that’s funny. Pretty much the same thing happened to me with the biggest one I ever got. Was out with my Mom’s husband fishing bluegill right at dusk from the boat with a 5wt and little white/black popper, and a carp took it off the surface. Thirty minutes into the fight I still had no idea what the hell we had on, but when I finally did put it in the boat it’s lips were at my hip and it’s tail laying on the deck, which made it longer than my legs I (and I’m six four and a half). No clue really what that fish weighed but I would guess he was fifty or so. But in terms of the ones I am usually sight fishing too up there in the coves/flats they probably average about twenty pounds.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Some more selections from the season:

    Tracy got her first eat all on her own on Sunday. She and I both missed sets, so I can’t exactly criticize.

    I’ve also been tying up some new patterns from Jay Zimmerman’s book:

    My eat on Sunday came on one of the Bitters, so they work.

    Y’all be watching for the next issue of The Drake, too.


    Justin WittJustin Witt



    I’m loving the little skiff and I must admit I’m kind of jealous of the sight fishing/sans saltwater cleanup. Whoever the young lady is you’ve really got her trained well. I can’t even get my Dad to pole me around. Also I’d turn that pole around if I were you or its gonna slip right out of the pole clips.

    J.T. GriffinJ.T. Griffin

    Hey guys,
    I fish out of a 13 foot gheenoe and love going out for carp too. One question for you experts. Will trolling motors put carp down? I fish for them on a river usually by myself so a trolling motor is a lot more practical than a push pole for me.

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