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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Interesting concept but the $19.99 price scares me. I know from speaking a lot with Tim Pommer that color is about the *least* important thing affecting the performance of a fly line, and there hasn’t been a $20 line with modern chemistry, well, ever.


    Phil BrnaPhil Brna

    I saw something about this somewhere else and someone who sounded informed said the lines were from China and the color was added by whomever was selling these. Also, there was some discussion about the lines falling apart or delaminating pretty quickly.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Phil, no lie, for that price they have to be terrible.

    Buzz Bryson

    I suppose you young whippersnappers would find it humorous if I told you I remembered when the best lines (SA Air Cel Supreme and Cortland 444) were in that price range (and less). And Hardy Lightweight reels (back when they had the 2-screw nickel silver line guards) for $35. Full retail. Relative to a high schooler’s income, extremely pricey.


    Joe H.Joe H.

    It’s only a matter of time before imported lines are everywhere. I have a hard enough time finding lines I like with the premium makers…I can’t image using a knockoff from China. The fly line market amongst the domestics (rio,sa, wulff etc) is more in play now than it has been in years. It will be interesting to see what happens. Orvis owns S.A and things haven’t been as peachy as everyone had hoped and Cortlands rebound looks to have run out of steam and flatlined. Rio is definitely in the driver seat but I wonder if Airflo or Wulff can step in and get some momentum. Time will tell I suppose…


    Hey guys Shadow fly fishing here,

    I want to address a few things. First of all thanks for making the post Zach.

    “Interesting concept but the $19.99 price scares me”
    The lines are priced at $19.99 due to an introductory price. Customer feedback has been 100% positive on the lines and you can see that on our facebook page. There have been no wear and tear performance reviews on the lines. Feedback has been based on coloring and casting. The few people that have the lines are loving the way the line shoots and they are having a blast with the color combinations.

    “Also, there was some discussion about the lines falling apart or delaminating pretty quickly.”
    I assure you no one has had the time or opportunity to have this happen. The lines have been on the market for about a week. We just shipped the first batches days ago. This is based on speculation not actual fact or custom experience.

    “no lie, for that price they have to be terrible.”
    I appreciate your opinion but I would love for you to fish one of these lines. If there are ANY issues, we refund money and take care of issues instantly.

    Check out our website guys we are offering very high quality products at great intro prices. We need to be competitive as a new company.



    R Black

    What does “color processed in Pa” mean? Would you say you are a manufacturing, or marketing company? Where are your products made?

    What would you say will be the price of your lines after the introduction is over?


    What does “color processed in Pa” mean? Would you say you are a manufacturing, or marketing company? Where are your products made?

    What would you say will be the price of your lines after the introduction is over?

    We do the coloring of the lines here in PA for the customer once they place an order. The coloring of the lines is mostly for fun. The chemical added to the line as it is colored will create a small layer over it. Unlike traditional lines the color is not a part of the PVC , it is in addition to the PVC and adds a layer that would not normally be there. This is how we get our custom color. We can see this process take place when the line is taking on its new color the customer orders. We are not claiming this will be able to make you cast 50000 feet, because it wont. We thinks its a fun and novel idea and the customers seem to agree. Some of the stuff people are coming up with make their setups look awesome!

    We are neither a manufacturing nor a marketing company. I have personally designed our rods myself. We work closely with our manufacturer in Asia to ensure our products are unique. As you can tell by looking at our rods no one is offering anything identical to the designs nor the specs of them. Especially at the price point. We have guides switching over to our rods and fishing the few wts and sizes we have exclusively. They are unlike any other rods on the market, that may be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. Feedback on the rods has been universally positive.

    The price of the lines may slightly go up, currently they are doing very well at this price point. We do not have a set price yet. However, manufacturing ANY fly line is not very expensive. It is just a simple piece of PVC. They will always be budget friendly. Prices vary in fly lines, sometimes you just pay for the logo on the box. Price does not always reflect performance and quality, especially from a 5 month old company.

    I am confident in the lines and think most will be surprised. If there are any issues with our lines once they start being fished more extensively issues will be taken care of. I personally have had no issues fishing them thus far in the testing phases.

    Please email me if you guys have any further questions. I am not a member on this forum and do not like posting as a business. This seems like a very good forum, I will contact the admins to see if there is any advertising room. Until then, I will not be posting any further. I just felt the need to clarify misconceptions of a product we are very proud of. I am near the email most of the day so questions are answered immediately.

    Thank you guys!">

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Shadow –

    Hey man, thanks for posting. Please take a look at our real name policy when you get a chance.

    What tapers are the lines available in? Am I hearing you right that the color process is an exterior laminate on the line jacket itself? What’s the color made of? A sleeve of polyurethane? PVC? Polyethylene? Are you doing anything with slickeners in that laminate, since that’s the surface that will make contact with the guides and pick up grit and debris?

    Fly line is typically made via extrusion through a variable orifice dye which allows tapers to hit pretty tight tolerances. How thick is the color process laminate, and have you seen any cracking with that? How does it affect flotation?


    Phil BrnaPhil Brna

    Mike, send me a few free lines (if you dare), and I will test them here in Alaska, compare them to my Rio lines, and then tell the world how well they stand up? If you are interested let me know and I’ll tell you what I fish. Phil

    Eric WellerEric Weller

    Wow, I see on their website that my local fly shop is the only shop currently carrying these lines,(Neshannock Creek Fly Shop). I don’t know if I would buy on of these or not? I have purchased cheap lines to fill a void before, a line to fill out an outfit I had just purchased to allow me to use that rod and reel for a outing. I was disappointed on all ends, the lines just didn’t perform we’ll at all. Im a little bit skeptical when it comes to low end priced lines. Where in PA are these lines having the color added? Where is the physical address of the company for their rods, reels, etc… I may be interested in checking out the facility and the process?


    R Black

    Sorry but I’m a little skeptical when on the one hand the lines are said to be 20 bucks because of introductory pricing, then on the other they “may slightly go up, currently they are doing very well at this price”.

    When I think of a simple piece of PVC, I think of the plumbing under my sink. Some of the podcasts I have heard about fly line construction over the years makes it sound a little more complicated than this. If you steal someone else’s research and design work, take it off shore and set up shop it does simplify things.

    And a mystery rod designer reinforces my skepticism. Along with the fact that I personally don’t like anything Asian in my fishing gear.


    Zach, I sent you an email please check for it.

    Phil Brna, I will consider but if I gave away products because of internet forum skepticism I would not be running a very good business. Customers are purchasing the lines, loving the idea, and praising the way they cast. Unfortunately I do not have a wear and tear review yet but I have been steelheading all winter with mine, no issues. They are only $20 and if you are unsatisfied with a the line we take care of issues instantly.

    Eric, The lines are not in the shop we are just rolling them out now.

    randy, I am sorry you “do not like anything Asian.” There is nothing I can do about the preference of where you like your products to be made. Keep in mind there is a fine line between “made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA.” These lines are a steal.

    Now really, please no more questions, I am not following the rules of the forum and I do not like that.

    I encourage you to purchase a line, if you do not like it, we will take care of any issues right away.

    Please email me questions">

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey Shadow –

    The only rule you’re not following is our request that people use their own real names (which is why I keep having to refer to you as ‘Shadow’).

    As far as questions go, by all means please feel free to answer them. By the way I own and run this board if that wasn’t obvious.

    However, manufacturing ANY fly line is not very expensive. It is just a simple piece of PVC.

    That comment is kind of the one I’m most interested in. I’m just a journalist but I am pretty sure my friends in Midland, Michigan would have a rebuttal comment or two to that statement.


    Curtis BiasCurtis Bias

    For the price, It might be a decent line to do a little lawn casting. Save your expensive lines from wear and tear and use this stuff for dragging across your lawn.

    R Black

    The quote should read
    ” Along with the fact that I personally don’t like anything Asian in my fishing gear.”

    I do like stir fry !

    Curtis, that was my thought too, lawn casting.

    And shadowfly, I don’t mean to be hard on you. I just don’t like to see American jobs, ingenuity, quality of living etc. go to the lowest bidder.



    The line will be great for lawn casting! Just as it is great for fly fishing!


    I can appreciate that! However it has created a few jobs here in the U.S…. Ours… Hopefully many more as we grow… Much like the overseas manufacturing creates a ton of jobs here in the U.S.. Lowest bidder? We pay a high production cost for our fly rods, very high. They are incredible. I appreciate your opinion and can understand your view on it.


    A U.S. made line is going to be more expensive. Our workers demand much more pay and benefits than overseas manufacturing. This reflects production costs in America not the performance of a product. Not to long ago I heard on the radio that a farmer could not find anyone to pick berries on his farm for $14 an hour. That is insane, I would pick berries for $14 an hour.

    I understand some of you made your minds up as soon as you saw the price tag without even fishing the product. I am fine with that, I just wanted to clear up some false data about the lines.

    For those of you curious enough to try the lines if there are ANY issues, I will address them right away as stated before.

    I am very proud of the work from our manufacturer. The amount of work they put in and the products they are capable of making are outstanding and only getting better. This is why a lot of companies are heading overseas. Companies here hire U.S. workers to ship, package, distribute, assemble, and fish the products that are made overseas. As far as I am concerned those are good jobs created in our country due to overseas manufacturing.

    Chris BeechChris Beech

    Hey Shadow,

    Do you make a WF6F line? I went to your web site and it showed #5 and #8 lines.

    Best Regards,


    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    I’ve thought of a legitimate use for these lines. Years ago someone made a fire engine red line for photography. It showed up really well, in the days before digital touch ups. So if anyone is shooting a casting book, that might be an option.

    Shadow there was also a line Orvis marketed for a while for beginners called the Zebra line, in alternating black and white in 10 foot segments, so they would know how much line they had out. I bought one on closeout and used it as a practice line for years. Does your system allow for color changes within the line itself?



    We currently do not have a 6wt line. We are adding a 4wt DT line in about a month. We just put the lines out and the 5wts are already almost sold out. I will try to get some 6 wts added asap!


    I could do that for you! Select the tip color line and just type in what you want used. EX:…… n20, bg32, alternating every 10ft.

    We are adding a slightly discounted tip colored line to our website every month. Here is this months line.

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