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    Has anyone cast that Winston passport that did well this shootout? I know it’s imported but it sure looks interesting.

    Look I think most everyone on this board realizes these types of shootouts/reviews are mostly subjective and we take them with a grain of salt. However they do introduce some of us to rods that we might not ever see.

    Is it even possible to do a rod review that’s not subjective? I don’t think it is. Rods are just too personal and everyone’s casting style/stroke is unique.


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    Thanks for posting the link. I enjoyed this article the first time. Some people pan these types of gear ratings. But I enjoy them even though it’s all very subjective.


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    WOW. Beautiful fish.


    I agree.  The color on these fish is really great.  Plus, the biomass on the White is just amazing.  I’m hooked on this fishery, and I will be back.

    Next time you are in the area you might give Taneycomo a try too. It’s a pretty awesome fishery as well.


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    I think name brand stuff like waders, wading boots, vests, and such are well worth the added price.

    I do think fleece is some of the best stuff ever invented. It’s warm and breathable. However for polar fleece jackets and pants I can’t tell any difference between cheap and the expensive stuff. I have some polar fleece jackets that I bought for less than $10 that work great. For years under my waders I wore a pair of fleece pants that I bought from old navy on closeout for $4. I recently got a better more expensive pair (patagonia) but I don’t think they work any better than the cheapies.

    I have a Simms fishing shirt I really like. But it’s not really any better than a couple I have from Bass Pro that cost 1/4 the price. I will say the Simms is a bit more stylish though.


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    WOW. Beautiful fish.


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    I hope you have a good trip. I live 50 miles from Taneycomo and consider it my home water. Was there yesterday afternoon and the fishing was really good. One bow pushing 20″ made my day. Very uncrowded (unlike the summer months) as well.

    Branson itself is not everyone’s cup of tea but my wife and I like it. We both grew up taking weekend trips there.

    PS: I’ve met Jeremy a couple of times and he’s active on the OAF forum that I use. Seems like a really good guy. I’m sure he’ll treat you right. I’d be interested in knowing how your trip was.


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    I’m interested. Very cool technology. I would love either an iphone or a droid. However I won’t be making the plunge until the fees go down. Not the price of the phones themselves. I’m meaning the extra monthly charges that go along with smartphones. I have Verizon as my carrier and they want an extra 30 bucks per month per phone. We have 4 phones in our family. $120/month extra is ridiculous.


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    There are plenty of great whites off the coast of FL in the winter but from what I understand they stay pretty far offshore. But I think it pays to remember that despite that FL has the highest number of shark attacks of anywhere in the world. Low # of fatalities but that’s hardly a consolation to someone that has been bitten.

    I’ll let you chase the sharks. I’ll continue to avoid them at every opportunity (LOL).


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     Oddly enough, the one fish that posses no danger to kayakers is the shark.

    I actually think there have been a number of shark attacks on ocean kayaks. This past summer I rented one in FL and the rental place warned me about sharks in a certain area. The owner said he had a customer that was badly bitten several years ago and a few others where the shark seemed to be stalking the kayak. I do think such attacks are relatively rare though.


    in reply to: What’s your view on bamboo fly rods? #46501

    People who have never cast a good & light 8ft bamboo rods need to cast one when they run into one. With a good rod I do mean the one that are considered by the bamboo community: Brandin, Wojnicki and such. Or even a Dickerson 8013, but real Dickersons are valuable rods (these rods are made around the 2nd WW) and cost around $6500+….

    Now I think of it, it’s like Windows users saying Macs are no good while they have never really used one. Not just fiddled at at Walmart.  😎

    That’s a good and funny analogy (macs and pc). And I personally have never cast a good light 8 ft bamboo. But I don’t have $6500 lying around either……………….


    in reply to: What’s your view on bamboo fly rods? #46495

    As a dedicated tackle junkie I own a lot of graphite rods and a couple of decent bamboo rods.

    My take is a lot like Zachs. I just prefer graphite for fishing. I very much appreciate the beauty and craftmanship that goes into bamboo fly rods. And I’m glad that bamboo is part of the fly fishing heritage. But…..given a choice I’ll take graphite every time. And I am particular about my rods. I don’t like ultrafast graphite at all. I like my rods with some “feel”.

    I do think it also has something to do with the type of fishing you do. I fish tailwaters for trout a lot. My favorite rod is 8.5 foot 5 wt. I think in that size bamboo feels heavy and slow. My opinion is that bamboo’s sweet spot is rods in the 6 to 7 foot range for a 3 or 4 wt line. But everyone is different or we’d all be fishing with the same rod and how boring would that be?


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    My old Corgi Corky was a pretty good fishing companion. He was very calm and really wasn’t all that fond of people he didn’t know. Sadly he passed away a few years ago at 16. That’s him belong in 2002 with one of our younger Corgis.

    We have 2 younger Corgis now. Great dogs and fairly obedient but I don’t think they would be good fishing companions. They are too rambunctious and would bother other people too much.

    Love dogs. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone else’s.


    in reply to: White River? #45013

    I fish the white several times per year. It’s been really good lately and we’ve finally been seeing some low and wadable water on the white. Barring a major rain event or flooding it should be very good this fall.

    I do disagree about the Norfork. While I know there is the general opinion that it has declined I’ve always found the fishing to be very, very good even the last couple of years – at least when there has been low water.

    I would fish both rivers if you can. The White is more pristine but the Norfork has it’s own charms too. It’s where I caught an ARK slam (cutthroat, rainbow, brown, brook – all in one day) a few years ago. I generally stay in the general vicinity of both and go for whichever river has low or no generation.

    Here’s a recent report:

    Good luck.


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    The zebra midge (tungsten bead head) in various sizes and colors is a good one to stock. It’s a killer here in MO and in Arkansas.


    in reply to: New Products for 2011 #44693

    Thanks for the info Zach. I love Sage rods (I own 3) but it kind of amazes me that $500 is a “mid range” rod. I guess it’s all relative to your income though.


    in reply to: Estes Park/RMNP September Fishing? #44542

    When I was there about a year ago (at RMNP) on a family vacation I fished the Big Thompson exclusively. Caught a lot of fish and had a great time. I fished the Big T in 3 different areas and I liked them all.

    Fished the Big T in the canyon area below Estes park. It was raining hard off and on the day I fished it but I still did pretty well. Caught several nice rainbows and several small browns.

    My wife, son, and I took a guided trip fishing the Big T way up in the upper reaches. It was kind of rough going. But we had a good day. We all caught quite a few small brookies and my son and I both took a decent brown.

    My favorite day was fishing the moraine park area of the Big T. I had been advised by the fly shop not to try this area that it was heavily fished and the trout were very picky. But I tried it one evening and had a blast. Nothing big but I caught lots of small brown trout. All on a black beetle (dry fly). The moraine park area is kind of at the entrance. The water there is just beautiful.

    We were there in Aug so it should be somewhat similar to your Sept trip. Just a word of advice – take some warm clothes. Several of the evenings and nights were VERY cold.

    I hope you have a great trip. Wish I was going again this year.


    in reply to: Fly Boxes: What’s your opinion #44861

    I’ve owned a lot of fly boxes. I finally broke down and bought a CF box a couple of years ago. I do really like it due mostly to the slit foam design and the large fly capacity. Last year I bought a flambeau blue ribbon fly box. It was much less expensive than the CF box and I actually like it a little better.


    in reply to: Fenwick Grip #41752

    Butt ugly?? I have a couple of old fenwicks and like both the feel and look of the grips. Beauty is definitely a subjective thing………..


    in reply to: Info. on the White R. #41545

    I think a kayak would be pretty dangerous at high water. I do disagree with Zach somewhat about renting a boat locally. I’ve done it several times and they were always OK. Not as nice as the rig pictured but very serviceable.

    I agree the fishing can be very good in high water especially from a boat. But I personally just don’t enjoy it nearly as much as wade fishing. But that’s just me. May and June are usually good months as Zach stated. Except the last 2 years! High water has made for tough wading for about 2 years now.

    Another option on high water is the water taxi service. They will ferry you to a fishable/wadeable area in high water. I’ve never used it but I hear it works very well. I plan to give that a try in the near future. Link below.


    in reply to: Info. on the White R. #41535

    There’s really not any pattern. That’s what makes it so difficult and frustrating to plan a trip there. A couple of years ago my wife, son, and I did a 4 day trip to the White. There was heavy generation 3 of the 4 days. But the fishing can be fabulous.

    They do at times try to leave the water off more on the weekends. And they seem to generate somewhat less on the Norfork than the White (they are in close proximity). The temperature plays a factor. If it is really hot they generate more (due to power demand). And when it is very cold they generate more (same reason). And when the lakes are up which has been the case much of the time the last 2 years – generation can be much more often (or constant).

    But sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason. I’ve seen periods when it is very cold or extremely hot out and they just stop generating for several days.

    Good luck. I hope you can catch some good days there.

    PS: Just a guess but I would put generation at 90 + % of the time in Dec. But that’s not normal for this time of year. Hopefully the lake levels return to normal in the next month and things get back to normal.


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