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    Here is mine August Atlantic Salmon Québec North Shore look how the salmon il looking at the water hopping to be released and he was second’s after this shot

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    I have the 2010 model and since my vest is hanging in my fishing stuff room


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    Thanks for the kind words Dusty

    Give this fly a try its easier than it looks


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    Thanks Kelly

    This is a simple but very effective Atlantic Salmon fly


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    The boat in question is a cedar strip canoe that me and a friend built a while back, it’s a 22 foot long canoe with 2 passenger seats and one for the captain in the back.

    Here are some pictures of the refurbishing about 4 years ago (the canoe was first built in 1994) It was originaly a 26 footer we cut out about 4 foot of the back to make it wider for better speed.

    Here is the captain chair (15 hp yamaha 4 stroke)

    Loaded with stuff for 16 day expedition

    View of the canoe

    How to park on rocks

    I also have a 28 foot model that i built in 2000

    Here are some pictures where one of the dams will be build just 200 ft below is the rivers major spawning area 70 % of spawners spawn in this area

    We need your help to stop this nonsense

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    are there two hooks in that last one?

    so why are salmon flies so detailed and why do they use so many different material.
    I think that these types of flies keep some people away from the sport and from tying, just  my thoughts.  Some of those beautiful flies they use to represent fly tying are very intimidating.

    Another think to consider while attempting to Salmon fish flies are not all complexe and some easy one are very productive look at this page you will notice almost 90 % are quite simple in tying

    If your ever consider attlantic salmon fishing shoot me an email i will try to help you in your choice of rivers pattern and equipment no problem

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    In salmon fishing its quite different than trout fishing, atlantic salmon are not feeding when they return in the rivers to spawn. The flies we use are not realy supposed to immitate anything in particular, except rare exceptions. Flies are ussualy tied to work with the change of light reflected in the water, this is one reason for various colors.I Know the distinctive colors and pattern and even style dont seem obvious to trout anglers point of view. These complexe patterns are passed on from traditions and are fish in the same traditionnal way for centuries. I know the complexe flies is very intimidating and the salmon anglers feel the same way with realistic trout flies that are oftem more difficult to tie then fully dressed salmon flies.


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    Here is another Kola fly called the Kola Blue Fire this one is tied long wich is for high water condition or spring fishing (SPATE RIVER CONDITIONS)

    This is my first try at this one


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    can someone help me to understand why salmon flies are dressed so much with the great detail they use?  Does that help them in some manner?
    I am not suggesting this fly is, but most of the salmn flies I see are very nice looking and detailed.

    No your right this one is not a fly filled with detail, in the contrary this fly is a simple tie and with the available material available. The reason for the post is quite simple I was ammazed by how the russian fly maker who made this fly had use only Antron floss and Guinea fowl to make this fly compared to other paterne who have 20 different material and rare feathers.

    I beleive that simple flies are as good or better than complexe flies


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    Thanks for sharing this pattern Jocelin. I like it!  Simple to tie and with materials most people can easily acquire.  Looks like it would be fun to swing this one?  How have you fished it and with what kind of success?

    Very simple tie indeed

    I have never tried this fly it has come to my attention juste a month ago by

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    OK, now those are neat.  I often wonder how we can be so interconnected by the ‘net on so many things (fly patterns, etc), and still not know about all of these regional manufacturers for things like vises and fly rods.  It looks like there are a couple of jaw options for the first vise?


    You are correct the first vise the villeneuve has 2 jaws one for normal flies and one for smaller one (midge jaw)


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    Here is a great Canadien made Vise called the Villeneuve

    Just 150 $

    Another Canadian made vise called St Paulin (similar to the norvise)


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    HAppy BD Zach

    I noticed it was your birthday on fly talk

    28 is the magic number


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    I have fished New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine and Quebec

    Quebec for me is the best place I have fished especialy the North Shore of the Saint Laurence. Few people few roads and lots of fish


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    Thanks for posting that…looks good.  Where in Canada are you located?


    I am on the North Shore OF the ST LAURENCE about 5 to 6 hour ride East of Quebec City


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    Quick post between meetings…

    I fish quite a bit in southern appalachia on those tight little creeks that feels more like a jungle tour in Vietnam. I am looking for a short stout rod – I am talking something like a 6 to 7 foot 5 wt. – Bamboo would be an answer but I am also talking back country scrambling where I do not want to grind a work of art into the mud and rocks. Call it a respect thing. I also fish the Conasauga and Upper Chattooga which has big fish and good sized water but I fish the feeders as well. All this is hiking in sort of stuff where I only want to carry one rod.

    Hexagraph… Does anyone fish one and the whole idea of these rods makes me extremely curious.

    Gatti… Does anyone have any experience with these.

    They Both come close to fitting the bill in size and weight. BUT I have never even held one. Any other thoughts would be great.  


    I tried my first Gatti rod about 5 years ago since then all my other brand of rods have been sold or or gathering dust in my rod closet. I have a short 7 foot rod that I love FR 705 3PA

    I am a bit in a comflict of interest here because I have been selling Gatti rods for the past year due to the hight demands of people that tried my rods and wanted one for themselve and I kept selling my own personal rods I put a stop to that and started selling the rods instead of my own personal ones.

    But I speak the truth when I say you cant go wrong with a GAtti fly rod


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    Yes I do target Atlantics in July nad August whem I have time, the bulk of my time fishing is up north on the Aux Outardes River where no anadromous fish swim. The Outardes river keeps me occupied from late May to Late October after moose hunt. The only time i get to fish atlantics are in July when I have days off. I take about 20 to 30 anglers during July and august for Atlantic Salmon and Sea run brook trout Fishing.

    I have some atlantic salmon pictures but none with spey rods, because the rivers in this area are to small for this type of fishng (small streams).

    On the North Shore the Moisie is the only real big salmon river with almost all of it’s run being big fish, the rivers I fish wich are 5 to 10 miles from my door step are small streams with wading only and small pools and pocket waters. The average salmon is around 8 to 12 pounds and the multi sea run are around 15 to 25 lbs. But the bulk of the run are grilse in the 4 to 6 pound class.

    I have rarely seen 2 handed rods in the Trinity and the Pentecote river wich are the rivers I fish for atlantics, The pentecote is big enough for the 2 handed and one day I will give it a try. I got myself a 11 ft #8 Gatti fr 3pa that i want to convert into a switch rod and give this a try before I get a real full size 2 hand rod.


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    Jocelin … ting_5.pdf
    If you liked Bill’s stuff, you may enjoy this too. Or it will put you to sleep at night. Either way, it would have a use.

    Bob … ting_5.pdf

    Bob thanks for the link I will check it out tonight


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    I spent some time last night reading the common cents pages and was very surprised with the read

    I had read it about 2 to 3 years ago and was very pleased with the info once again

    It answered lots of my questions


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