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    jarrod white

    I would agree that the traveler is the best vise available in the 150.00 range.

    bob twombly

    I checked out the Peak Vise last week.


    Here is a great Canadien made Vise called the Villeneuve

    Just 150 $

    Another Canadian made vise called St Paulin (similar to the norvise)


    Abe Mathews

    OK, now those are neat.


    OK, now those are neat.  I often wonder how we can be so interconnected by the ‘net on so many things (fly patterns, etc), and still not know about all of these regional manufacturers for things like vises and fly rods.  It looks like there are a couple of jaw options for the first vise?


    You are correct the first vise the villeneuve has 2 jaws one for normal flies and one for smaller one (midge jaw)


    Mike McKeownMike McKeown

    Here’s a South African product…


    Don’t want to steal any thunder from the land of Oz, but there’s also the following Australian product:


    So is there no US retailer of Snowbee-Waldron? Sounds like a business opportunity for someone. shannon

    tim matthews

    As a newbie to the site and to fly tying I am really trying to hone in my equipment. I currently own the Renzetti Traveler, but in my opinion it seems to small and not adjustable enough to add anything to it. The bodkin holder has to be pushed away for me to tie. It looks great and I bought it because of looks before I really investagated what I personally need. No one mentioned Regal vise and I have tied on one of those. The clamping lever for the jaws has the power of a bull and it seems ok- but I am not satisfied with either vise. I have tied on a dyna king baracuda for a short while and really thought it was smooth and seem to be adjustable in any way. Price seems a bit high, but engineering cost money. Any opinion will help me.



    It depends on what kinds of fies you’ll be tying.


    If you are looking for a true rotary then I just don’t think you can beat the peak vise. It holds hooks extremely well, rotates smoothly and looks to be built for a lifetime. I love the “positive stop” cam action too. I have the standard jaws and I’ve tied up to a #1/0 with no slippage. It handles #22 hooks well too.

    My only complaint with the Peak in the past was it was not very height adjustable – it wouldn’t go low enough for me. But I recently talked to the owner (Kurt) and he has fixed that issue with the newer clamp. He sent me a new c clamp for a reasonable price a few weeks ago. Perfect now (at least for me). Personally I would take the peak over even the most expensive renzettis. I just don’t care for the design.

    I also like the HMH spartan vise and the apex anvil. But while they are rotary they are not true in line rotary like the Peak.


    tim matthews



    Hand position and comfort are very important when tying, so your idea of trying other vises out is a good one.


    I was tracking down the Snowbee-Waldron for a friend, and here is what I got back from England – – is the North American contact. Hmm, now why wouldn’t some enterprising US citizen want to have a distributorship for Snowbee? Hmmmm. shannon




    OK, tariffs goes in the minus column. But then they do sell a few Land Rovers here too. shannon

    tim matthews

    Still speaking on the renzetti traveler. I attended a fly tying class and actually got to know how to work the vise better. I put a clamp version in the base plate of my renzetti traveler and have the height I need now. I didn’t have the vise adjusted very good at first, but after a few people looked at it I can work with it fine. I would like to get a Dyna king cuda- but I have to buy more rods.

    Neal Osborn

    I would like to get a Dyna king cuda- but I have to buy more rods.

    Man’s gotta have his priorities, Tim, LOL.


    Just like you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you should never put all your nymphs in one fly box.

    mark ballard

    Here’s a South African product…

    Standard Jaws

    Midge Jaws

    Noticed the other day that this vice from South Africa is being marketed in the states by Wasatch

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