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    So after taking up space in my garage for more than 3 years, this project is finally underway – adding a custom aluminum poling platform, some rod holders, a couple small compartments for storing keys, glasses, etc., running lights, a saltwater remote-control trolling motor and a new Yamaha 20 hp. The hull is already in great shape so no work needed there, other than some polish. Everything requiring skill is outsourced to my friends with skill; very grateful to have good friends like that.

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    Assuming the 40% offer is only on the actual tying supplies?

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    If you are still looking, Michael Talmarkes is a gar-catching machine. Check him out on Facebook, if you don’t know him. He has some photos on his page.

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    Thanks, Zach. Decided that’s what I am going to get.

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    Excellent (and old) thread. She has not come out and said it yet, but I think my wife wants me to buy another vise (ok, not really). So I am considering the Renzetti Presentation 4000 (left hand). Then, I would keep my Traveller at the family cabin. However, that selection is based on nothing more than the fact I already have the Traveller and it seems pretty good for my purposes. Build quality doesn’t knock my socks off but good enough for my light level of use and reasonable for the price. Anyone have thoughts on comparing the Presentation 4000 to the Dynaking Barracuda? (FWIW, I don’t tie exceptionally small trout flies and I don’t tie exceptionally big salt flies.)

    Alternatively, it seems there is a favorable exchange rate (1.33) at the moment, so maybe the Dingo would be my best choice?

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    So from Santa, new waders, an early delivery of a shotgun, a new Rogue hoe (heavy duty commercial model used by trail building crews), and a Grill Dome ceramic smoker. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

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    Neal, glad you are back.

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    NM – thought I could load an image from my cell phone. Will get one up soon. The new gun was a joy to shoot today – light and quick. I have never shot an o/u or a gun this light. Can’t wait to soot some birds with it.

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    Alan, what are you using for a degreasing bath? I have always gone with straight Borax and a few months of deep freeze (after scraping) but that did not work on the belly hair. Are you dong something like salt/borax/salt/borax?

    I will do a few squirrel tails this year. Doubt I will get around to shooting a deer this season.

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    Thanks, will do – maybe we need a “shotgun talk” thread if there are enough shooters and bird hunters on the board. I ended up ordering a Caesar Guerini Magnus Light field gun – well above the price point I was looking for but they will build it with a LH stock for a 20 gauge. (The Beretta I wanted wasn’t available in LH 20 gauge.) Should be here in a few weeks.

    Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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    Looks and reads like a great hunt. I picked up my now 8-month old GSP from his first month at pointer school on Saturday and look forward to doing the same. Since returning, he is also doing much better at staying out of trouble in the house which is a good thing for our domestic tranquility.

    Like the shotgun image, too. Since my primary shotgun is a bit heavy for preserves or long days walking in the field, I also managed to place an order for a left hand o/u to go along with the dog. Curious point, but I never could find any good articles about o/u options for left-handed shooters in lighter gauges. Shopping for those options was a surprisingly frustrating experience and the salesmen at a lot of shops were giving me information that was simply incorrect.

    Glad you had a good day in the field.

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    This will get you started on the search – http://www.fedflyfishers.org/Resources/Locate/CastingInstructors.aspx

    If none come up (I didn’t see any), you might consider contacting FFF, as follows:

    E-mail: casting@fedflyfishers.org

    Telephone: 406-222-9369

    in reply to: Anyone Shooting with the iPhone 6S? #89018

    I have not played with my new phone enough, but I like it:

    This is just a quick shot of my coffee mug, but i was still impressed with the image quality (Using an HDR Pro X photography app, no other modification)

    I think this one came from a 5, just before I upgraded:

    Again, straight from the IPhone (using the app) but not other processing. I wish there was some way to get the same quality on panorama; maybe someone will come out with an app for that but, admittedly, that would be complicated.

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    Finally working on the lighting upgrades for my fly tying room in anticipation of this year’s gathering. Adding 13,000 lumens (1200 LED equivalent of Watts, according to the packages) of daylight to brighten things up a bit.

    Updated here with the finished project:

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    Wes, that is the high art of a fly tying space. Love the look, functionality and the creative use of resources.

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    Looking forward to the article. I was playing with the Hala Hoss BT yesterday, which is an all around board. I am trying to find one that will do too much – moderate whitewater on the weekends at USNWC with my kids and flats fishing at the coast.

    I didn’t get a chance to demo the Badfisher, but it looks sweet for a fishing boat. Great guys with that company, too. Really enjoyed talking to them.

    It seems that the feel between boards can be radically different so I would like to try a few more before I buy.

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    I know of a gorge filled with brook trout. I seriously doubt it has ever been fished in its entirety. I have fished the approach several times, and then it gets too steep for a one-day trip. The walls are near vertical and the falls require ropes.

    A friend and I actually went in with ropes, but it was still too difficult (at least with the amount of daylight we had available to us). This particular 1/2 mile of stream has become an obsession. A drone would be a great tool for some additional recon.

    I doubt the effort to reward ratio will ever play out in my favor, but I still want to fish this section at least once. Will post a TR if it happens.

    in reply to: Cool Tying Spaces #88671

    Thanks, R Black.

    Looking at light temperature now. http://www.seesmartled.com/kb/choosing_color_temperature/ What would be ideal for tying? The one bulb I think might work 5000k, which by the chart, is pretty close to daylight. Thoughts?

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    So I suppose fly tying rooms are always going to be a work in progress. For my room, we put folding tables around my pool table. I have great lighting over the actual pool table (for playing pool) but that light does not extend over the folding tables that surround the pool table. So the solution would seem to be a bank of recessed LED lights (on a separate group of switches) surrounding the pool table to provide good overhead lighting above each of the folding tables.

    Wondering if that lighting would be too harsh? Anyone have thoughts on the issue or better suggestions for recessed overhead lighting, or otherwise?


    in reply to: Question about a tarpon knot #88465

    Buzz, good info. Thanks.

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