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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    That may sound silly but it’s a serious question. I’ve been using the iPhone a lot and getting those shots published in the last couple years, especially once they came out with the panorama feature (which is magical). I know the 6s has an even better camera and I am wondering if anyone is using it, what their thoughts are on things like blowing out highlights/histogram shoulders.

    I wish there was a way to force iPhones to shoot in a RAW format.



    I have the new Samsung 6 and the camera amazes me.
    If these things get raw and zoom lenses the world will tilt.
    Nikon/Canon Ect. are in trouble !

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.


    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    David, just by way of example, here are a few panos that I expect to be published in the near future (some of them are already slated):

    Now, all of those certainly have technical deficiencies, but the vast scope of the view overwhelms those in many respects, AND you always have the ability to grab out a section at higher res than your normal picture.

    What is particularly impressive is that the moving water wasn’t visibly disrupted by the sweep of the camera. This one, for example, is wavy off to the right but would make a great spread image with space for text where it blew out even if you lopped off the right third:

    I expect to keep using this tech and I think panoramas will be finding their way into a lot more magazines as others follow suit.



    Amazing stuff Zach – great shots !

    Nikon/Canon are going to have to pull their fingers out and start putting these sort of features into all their cameras soon if they hope to survive.
    My DSLR’s don’t even have Wifi…

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.


    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    I agree David.

    If you think about it without prejudice, what do the DSLRs really get you? Megapixels are now irrelevant. Quality of glass is important but technical perfection can be useless if the subject is uninteresting or if the photo won’t be printed at a high enough pixel density to show the superior capabilities of the DSLR.

    Some tricks still can’t be handled without a DSLR: long exposures, synced flash scenarios, rapid shutter speeds, etc. But the gap is narrowing and meanwhile a lot of the things which used to make DSLRs “special” have become almost cliche. Fisheye shots, rear curtain sync flashed shots–heck, hi res stills to rival any DSLR can now be pulled from some video cameras.

    At the end of the day the end user is not the photographer but the consumer who views and either appreciates the image or does not. As point and shoots and carry-around camera phones eat further into the DSLR skillset, to me that forces DSLRs the other direction, into the realm of what previously was medium format and the like. And there has never been — and never will be — a lot of demand for that kind of photography. Some demand, certainly, but not a lot.

    Photography has become completely commoditized and just like any commodity, overwhelming volume tends to drive down exquisite quality, but meanwhile the public really doesn’t care all that much.



    Hey Zach, have you seen this thing ?
    Light 16 camera – Wired

    What a DSLR (and lens system) get me is the ability to maximise technical image quality for most situations. Unfortunately, you’re very right when you say nobody cares anymore and with the exception of a couple old clients and magazines who bother to notice, there seems little point to me in dragging around the weight to get photos for Facebook or my blog or a gan Y bride who’s only knowledge of photography is based on her Instagram account.

    I think my next camera system – and I am looking – will be much lighter if nothing else.

    This morning I like the look of the Fuji XT-1 .. lol

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.


    Yes. I have been shooting video and photos with it in my studio. I’ve been impressed with the results.


    I have not played with my new phone enough, but I like it:

    This is just a quick shot of my coffee mug, but i was still impressed with the image quality (Using an HDR Pro X photography app, no other modification)

    I think this one came from a 5, just before I upgraded:

    Again, straight from the IPhone (using the app) but not other processing. I wish there was some way to get the same quality on panorama; maybe someone will come out with an app for that but, admittedly, that would be complicated.

    Roy Conley
    Roy Conley

    Black Bear Sow with COY

    Zach, I got this shot this summer in YNP. Image is not cropped. There were several people standing near me with IPhones, but none volunteered to move forward to get this shot. 🙂 It will be a while before the phone can do it all.

    If you are going to photograph wild life get a telephoto lens for your phone.

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