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    Do you know of anyone using a Tital for Smallmouth, I’ve been toying with the idea of one since they came out, like to cast a 7 weight with a RIO Outbound Short WF7-F.

    I use a Loomis Pro 1 when I fish out of my 207XP Supreme (big rod trays), thinking of a 4pc for when I use the Gheenoe.


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    Iā€™m looking for a 3rd one of these, not having any success finding them, one on top came from Feather-Craft, they have been out on the last 2 orders I tried to get one. Bottom one was sold as Caney Fork Midge Twister, but the gentleman has quit making them and no one has heard from him in a few years.

    If anyone on here can direct me to a vendor, I will make a dozen of them and give to club members, (Tennessee Valley Fly Fishers) we have a core group that goes to the Mountain Home Arkansas twice yearly for Sowbug & Conclave and will share with them.

    I went to a couple of medical supply stores a few years ago in Huntsville Alabama and got the what are you doing in here look. Were zero help.

    I will be in Nashville next week, surely with Vanderbilt, St. Thomas, Baptist, Centennial Hospitals, there has to be a supplier I could visit that has artery clamps.

    Any surgeons on here ?


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    I’m using Nautilus FWX 7/8 on mine with AIRFLO Exveed Trout WF6F, I have tried RIO Gold, Perception, AIRFLO Distance Pro, it likes them all.

    I have Radian in 4, 6, 8 all are great, the 8 thinks it’s 6 šŸ™‚ Jim and crew @ Scott got this rod series on the money.


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    Rob @ Supreme has a custom cover maker down the street from him in Mountain Home. Mine fits like a glove. Give you an excuse to fish the White, after you drop off the boat.

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    Attended StreamerFest last year, was 11 Degrees, running my L48 Supreme JetBoat on the White, almost had the river to our selves, the next day it snowed, day after Catch & Release by the dam opened, had it to our self, low water, left the boat at the motel, waded, bet I’ll never do that again, have the river to ourselves.

    We laugh about it now, but even with all the Simms gear, fleece and such, bones were cold. But I’d do it again tomorrow. Nothing like getting out and making memories.


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    do you drill on teeth by appointment or walk in only šŸ™‚

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    according to Jim’s post (my local fly shop only 99 miles one way)


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    I come out twice a year, Sowbug and Conclave with my FFF club.

    What should I expect as to boat traffic on the river on opening weekend. This trip is the only time Brandon could come and we wanted to take in Streamer Fest.

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    Brandon and I will roll into Cotter around midnight Friday, fish hard for 4 days, leave around dark on Tuesday are the plans, taking in Streamer Fest along the way.

    Do you plan on fishing any that weekend ?

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    I live on the banks of the Elk River (I call it a big creek) a TVA tailwater in southern middle Tennessee. Lots of shallow shoals, starting out with a Minn Kota 55 trolling motor, may get a motor in time.

    This is my motor boat

    Supreme L48 that I had Rob the owner build to my specs, 54″ front deck, 48″ rear deck. It’s a skinny water rig, as Mike Anderson says they will run on wet gravel.

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    I had often thought about posting the Gheenoe project over here but never got around to it.

    It’s actually my first fiberglass project, lots of research and a will to try it. It’s been a fun project but taken way to long due to not having an enclosed garage (cold or to hot temps for fiberglass) and lots of overtime at my real job the last two years 815 in 2012 and 640 in 2013 and I didn’t volunteer for any of it šŸ™‚

    Plan on finishing up this boat in the next few weeks, heading over on Feb 1st to Streamer Fest for 4 days of banging the White River’s bank with BIG streamers and then I plan on putting all my spare time on the Gheenoe.

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    this should do it


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    thanks Jay,

    those have been added recently šŸ™‚


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    it can be done, but will be lots and lots of work.

    looks like you are protecting your lungs.

    I’ve been working on and off on a Gheenoe project for 3 years. Plan to finish it up before winter if work schedule will allow, hitting it after my 11 year old returns to school, August 5th.


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    I was in there Monday, had a couple of pair but not Saltwater Camo.

    Andy’s personal Scott Radian 9’6″ #6 had just came in, got to help him cast it. Great rod.

    I always stop in anytime I’m near, great shop and guys.


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