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    Peter E.Peter E.

    Boy, you folks never figured in Auburn did ya? Really could have seen it coming after the last Iron Bowl. Rather or not Aurburn had gotten Cam or not they would have been a very tough team. Needless to say though, he has been invaluable to the team as a play maker and a leader. All in all though Bama’s defense has been struggling to find a real leader this year and they should hopefully find that next year. All in all they were far to cocky going into this season (got that from a friend of mine that is an athletic trainer for Bama).

    No team got nearly as close to beating last years National Champions as Auburn and that willingness to fight shows with 6 come from behind victories. The only thing is can they beat the “Old Ball Coach” for a second time this season?

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Peter, Not sure if it is forgetting about Auburn.

    dan dombos

    I’m just waiting to see when and how extensive the firings are at Michigan.



    Huck the Cornfuskers!

    Peter E.Peter E.

    Last nights game gives me great joy. War D@#$ Eagle!

    jarrod white

    well my Sooners finished the season on a good note !

    keith b

    let’s go SEC!!!!
    how about another BCS Title game appearance


    I think that Auburn will shoot their limit against the ducks if they play like they did Saturday.

    I also have to say, Ive seen more Auburn fans come out of the woodwork in the last two or three weeks than I remember.

    keith b

    I am not an AU fan for sure, but I am a fan of the SEC

    Peter E.Peter E.

    You’re going to have your band wagoners, God know the Bamers have been unbearable lately. But really Auburns Defense really showed up against South Carolina last week and that was really what set the tone. Cam is an amazing athlete but the Team as a whole is very good. I am very excited to see the Championship Game, for the Auburn football team not Cam. But papers love a hero.


    Ok…we all know the BCS is unbelievably broken so I guess its expected but the selection for the BCS Fiesta Bowl has me really puzzled.

    7-4 Connecticut?

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)
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