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This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document describes how "The Itinerant Angler" collects and uses information about you when you use The Itinerant Angler web site ("Site") and how you may gain permission to use content. Use of Site content has the same legal significance as acceptance of a contract. If you do not agree to the following Terms of Use, you must navigate your browser away from this Site.


Static Areas Copyright

Owner, Zach Matthews, retains all copyrights to images, artwork, video, audio, articles, text, buttons, and design everywhere on The Itinerant Angler, with the exception of the Bulletin Board and Comments sections of the Site. Any waiver or consent to use without permission is hereby explicitly denied. My work appears in commercial and non-commercial magazines and websites. Unless otherwise stated, all work is the creation and intellectual property of Zach Matthews. All rights are reserved and violations will be treated as criminal. Private use of Site contents is permitted with permission, which may be obtained by emailing Zach at Zach is also available during business hours by telephone at (770) 722-9784. Solicitations for commercial and private use are welcome. In the case of republished work or work by other artists, all applicable copyrights are retained by the respective owners and use is strictly by permission. Republication of magazine articles is in accordance with contract and copyright agreements between owner, artist, and Site, where applicable.

Interactive Areas Copyright

In areas where the Site permits interactive content, such as the Bulletin Board, the Comments portion of the Photoblog, the Comments portion of the Blog, and on any other interactive areas that may be provided, all comments are the exclusive and sole property of the maker, without reservation or exception. No such comments are endorsed or adopted in any way by Site or its operators. By using this Site, you hereby explicitly waive your right to bring suit, whether in law or equity, for any claim relating to copyright, interference with a business opportunity, defamation, violation of a trade secret, libel, slander, disparagement, or any other tort or claim not herein listed, against Site, its operators, agents or affiliates.

Waiver of Liability

You agree by use of this website to waive all claims and rights relating to use of this website against "The Itinerant Angler," Zach Matthews, Network Solutions, Google, and any and all employees or agents of the aforementioned. Use of this Site does not entitle you to any claim in law or equity whatsoever. You explicitly waive all claims and rights for any damages, direct or consequential, which may arise out of use of this Site.

Severability and Arbitration

Should any court in law or equity sever any portion of this contract for any reason, the rest of this contract shall remain in force.


"Cookies" are small text files placed on your hard drive by a computer server. A cookie serves as your identification card and is uniquely yours. A cookie can only be read by the server that gave it to you. Cookies used by this Site primarily indicate whether or not you wish to remain logged in to the bulletin board software. Cookies recognize your password and help the Site personalize your experience by permitting the computer server to "remember" who you are. If you reject a cookie, you may still use this Site; however, your use will be limited in some areas.

Children's Privacy

Children under the age of thirteen (13) are not allowed to purchase products or services on or through the Site. The Site does not knowingly collect personal information about children under the age of thirteen (13) or allow them to place orders anywhere on the Site. If the Site or its operators learn that a child under the age of thirteen (13) is placing orders on or through the Site, the operators will close the child's account and delete all information collected about the child. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Site may choose to retain the child's e-mail address as a means to prevent the child from re-registering with the Site. Further, any information relating to child abuse or mistreatment which may arise through use of this Site will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities, regardless of locale, region, country of origin or incident. In default of any other organization, information indicating child abuse will be reported to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.


This Site may take reasonable steps to protect personal information through the use of technology such as SSL encryption, access control procedures, firewalls and/or physical security. The operators of this Site urge you to use a strong password to protect your account from unauthorized access by others. If others, including family or household members, access and use the Site through your password, you are responsible for the actions of those individuals. You hereby explicitly waive any right of action against the Site or its owner as a result of misuse of a password.

Other Situations In Which Personal Information May Be Disclosed

This Site may store and disclose personal information allowed or required by applicable law or when deemed advisable by its operators, without any reservation whatsoever. Information so disclosed may include personal communications within intra-Site email and messaging systems, passwords, IP addresses, and other any other relevant information. This list is not exclusive. This means that Site operators may make disclosures that are necessary or advisable to conform to legal and regulatory requirements or processes and to protect the rights, safety and property of the owners, users of the Site, and the public.

Changes To The Itinerant Angler Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This Site's operators may make changes to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from time to time. Changes to this contract document will post here, so be sure to check back periodically. You may also be notified of significant changes by e-mail or in other ways.

Disclaimer of Legal Representation

One of the operators of this site, Zach Matthews, is an attorney licensed in Georgia and Tennessee. By use of this site you hereby explicitly acknowledge your waiver of any legal relationship whatsoever with Zach Matthews. You explicitly acknowledge that Zach Matthews is not your attorney regardless of any conversations you may have engaged in while using Site, and you acknowledge that it is your duty to seek legal representation from an attorney in your district for the purposes of prosecuting any claims whether in law or equity.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have any questions or comments about this Site's use of personal information or its terms of use, please contact Zach at He will use reasonable efforts to promptly investigate any complaint you may have regarding this Site.