Ninja Suit

mens_merino_ninja_suit_oxblood_largeYou’ve got to hand it to the marketing people, because “Ninja Suit” is exactly what this thing ought to be called.  Basically a modern, hooded version of the classic Union Suit, this merino wool onesie is exactly what it appears to be: it’s a one stop underwear shop for those excessively cold days on the water or in the woods.

I’ve had a tester Ninja Suit on hand for a while, but I didn’t get the chance to give it a spin until my recent sub-freezing hunting trip.  It was truly cold, especially on the mid-river island we camped on, with tailwater generation flowing on either side.  The air temps said 20 but I suspect our wind chill was well in the teens.  And that’s where I found the perfect use for a Ninja Suit: sleeping bag liner.

I shivered my way into my PJs right before bedtime and had maybe the snuggest sleep of my life.  Then, the next day I popped out of my bag, pulled on a few layers, and stayed toasty all the way through dinner time.  The hood, by the way, tucks nicely into just about any other hoody, with enough stretch to go over a very thick hat and not feel suffocating.

Quality on these is top notch and comparable to SmartWool.  The price is also comparable; merino wool is just expensive, and when you stitch this much of it together, $180.00 is where you end up.  I have been completely sold on wool for years and use it almost exclusively as my winter expedition base layer.  Yes, it is expensive, but it also will literally last decades.  I expect to have my Ninja Suit on hand and looking much the same in the 2030s.

Check out the lineup — including some crazy prints! — here.

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