Polar Buff Review

I rTB_PMO_A1emember the first time I saw a Buff.  I thought it was ridiculous. “You expect people to wear these stretchy bandana things in public?!” I think I exclaimed.  The saleslady assured me that yes, they were already doing so in (where else) California.  I skeptically accepted a sample model which I waited a couple years to wear.

I admit I am still a little dubious about the fashion sense on display here.  I can’t help but feel that in twenty years we’ll look back on all the Buff-wearing photos of 2015 from our hoverboard heads up displays and have a little chuckle.  Nevertheless, I have become completely sold on the usefulness of these versatile, although admittedly somewhat ridiculous scraps of fabric.  I recently had occasion to use the Polar Buff, a double-barreled affair which is a normal Buff on top (or on bottom depending on how you flip it ) stitched directly onto a super burly wind-blocking Buff.  I use the windproof side as a neck gaiter and the normal side as a facemask, which works especially well on open water runs in skiffs–even better when paired with a second buff above to hold your hat on and provide ear protection.  Is it a good look?  Is winter clothing *ever* a good look?  It works, and that’s what counts.

Price: $35

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 (demerit for ridiculosity).

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