Ermahgerd Log Bag!



Every now and then a product comes along which is so good at being what it is supposed to be… and then no one notices.  Usually because the product is an orange juicer, or like a really well-cut t-shirt.  Everyday products can often get overlooked, and that’s why I wanted to get a shout-out to the single best log bag I have ever been lucky enough to call my own.

Waxed canvas, attractive, with recycled climbing rope that is just exactly the right size, this bag is burly, beautiful, and basically perfect.  For $100 it’s a good deal, because I fully expect it to last the rest of my life, but at Mountain Khaki’s periodic sale price ($60, shh), it blows the competition (what little there is) away.  Dumb thing to review on a fly blog?  Yeah, maybe, but I don’t often encounter such an impressive little product.

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