Sage Domain Reel

sagereelThe new Sage Domain reel is interesting.  I had a chance to play with some of these in Mexico.  From a looks standpoint, it is in my opinion the best looking reel Sage has released so far.  Largely designed by Paul Schmierer (who even showed me the CAD sketches), the reel is elegant while being somewhat understated when compared to Sage’s offerings of yesteryear.  This is a 100% in-house design, too, which is actually machined by Sage’s overseas partners.

My one criticism of the reel is that it is a closed frame job, which I have never liked.  Some people swear by closed frame reels, because they (allegedly) can prevent the line from being trapped between spool and frame.  Personally I have always found this to be the exact opposite of the truth; I have far more spool/frame jamming issues with the closed frame reels I have used than with the open frame design.  I also question whether the closed frame might be necessary due to lighter-grade materials, to prevent the frame from warping when under high loads.


My criticisms aside, I have never used a closed frame reel with machining tolerances as tight as this one, and I am sure that makes a tremendous difference.  Performance wise this reel was excellent for bones and jacks, and it will certainly handle anything in fresh water. At $340 to $380, this reel has an attractive price point compared to many of the new offerings (most of which seem to be over $600 these days).


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