Umpqua Bags

At this year’s IFTD show, Umpqua (previously Umpqua Feather Merchants, primarily known as a fly dealer) released a new line of waterproof bags, including this roll-top specimen, the Tongass Waist Pack.  We’ll be detailing some of Umpqua’s different options over the next few days here on the blog.  In some cases they got really creative, while in others they simply did something others have done in the past very well.


Photo Jay Malyon

I like the Umpqua efforts.  Notice the tippet post holder on the outside of this model, so that a stack of tippet on a rod won’t flop around. The zipper loops are also wide enough to stick your gloved fingers in on a cold morning. These kinds of design elements speaks well of the experience level of the designer; this is more than merely a converted waterproof bag from the kayaking sector.  Real fly fishermen have had input here.

Look for the Tongass line soon in fly shops near you.


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