River-Worthy Keg Beer


Nothing beats an ice cold beer except a really really good ice cold beer.  Especially when that really good beer is poured from a tap instead of lingering on the back stock shelves of some beverage store for six months before you pop the top. Thanks to the rise of Growler bars (we even have them in Georgia now!) the taste of cold keg beer is only a short drive away.

But, alas, many rivers don’t allow glass bottles on floats!  Never fear, my friends, because this is where the new metal mini-kegs come in.  The size of a growler (typically 32 to 64 ounces), but ruggedized, with a helpful pouring rim and stainless steel construction.  These aren’t that expensive (mostly about $35) and many river rafting type services are now selling them as branded items.  Grab yours asap!

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