Fishpond Nomad Net Series

nomad-guide-net-originalI had the opportunity recently to fish with the new-ish Nomad net series from Fishpond.  These nets are outstanding.  Synthetic like an all weather rifle stock, featuring a clear rubber bag (which won’t grab small flies), and best of all, they float!  The fiberglass/carbon fiber composite construction means you’ll never have to deal with mildew or with that little screw in eyelet pulling out of the butt of the net.

Although not as classically pretty as a Sperrey or Brodin, they have an understated elegance and they just plain look expensive.  Which they are, but not as much as you’d think: these are comparably priced in the $200-300 range with other high end net options.  And, of course, they will literally last a lifetime, barring bear attack or car fire.

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