Recycled Waders Messenger Creel



I’ve had one of these for about four or five years now.  I still love mine and use it frequently.  The purpose of the Recycled Waders company is to take expensive, carbon-intensive Gore-tex and other breathable fabric from used waders and turn them into more useful products after the waders have lived out their natural lives.  You can turn in your own waders to be repurposed or simply purchase off the rack.

The irony is that the bags wind up being particularly unique, because they are mostly still waterproof.  The messenger bag above is perfect for light travel on airlines; it will easily hold a laptop or a camera and a couple lenses.  On my recent trip to Mexico we had to do a boat transfer to reach the lodge.  This is a pretty frequent thing on overseas fishing trips.  The beauty of the Recycled Waders bag is that–barring actual immersion–it doubles as a waterproof gear bag to protect sensitive electronics.  The only points of ingress for water are at the seams, and it actually takes quite a bit to penetrate even those weak points (note: the seams are not taped like on new waders, merely stitched together).

Note: naturally each product is a little different, or perhaps a better term would be unique:

All in all a worthy product from a cool company, and what better way to show that you are a fly fisherman without screaming it with every logo?

Rating: Five stars out of five.

Purchase: From Recycled Waders

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