Weber Smokey Joe + Modifications

10189585Today’s will be the last cooking-themed post for a little bit, but I wanted to share with you guys one of the best boating/camping grills you can possibly buy.  At only $30, this is an extremely cost-effective way to grill hamburgers or other meat, but even better, it can double as a smoker, especially if you modify it as I did.

I purchased a roll of ordinary metal flashing, ten feet long.  Then I allowed the roll to expand to the circumference of this grill.  That gives you approximately three complete turns of metal flashing, more than enough to form a rigid wall.  Using a simple drill gun and a rivet tool, I riveted the flashing to hold its shape, and I made sure to use rivets long enough to serve as an interior shelf.  Simply place rivets in four or five places about five inches from the bottom of the flashing, and you’ll have a mini version of Webber’s $300 Mountain Smoker, all for only about $20 on top of the cost of your Smokey Joe.  To really finish the project nicely, I ordered a second interior grill grate so I can use a flower pot base as a heat shield and water rack.  Now my boston butts will smoke perfectly.  A couple drawer handles for easily removal and voila! You have yourself a portable smoker that you can even use on a boat.

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