Costa’s Year Without Rims


Costa Sunglasses have made a two-fold push this year.  First, they unleashed a slew of shades in the ladies’ market, which I’ll review in a later post (with some assistance).  But on the men’s side, they have designated this their Year Without Rims, best exemplified by the Destin model shown above.

Rimless shades have a lot of advantages.  First, they impede your field of view much less than those with plastic rims, especially given the recent trend for very chunky shades.  Second, they provide much less of a chamber for capturing sweat and steam on hot days, thus decreasing lens fogging.  But most amazingly, by cutting the frames, they also cut almost all the weight off the sunglass as a whole.

I attempted to weigh the Costa Destins with 580P polycarbonate lenses on my home kitchen scale, which is marked in whole ounces.  No dice.  The scale wasn’t sensitive enough to even register the presence of these shades.  So I stuck them on a digital postal scale.  This pair of sunglasses weighs 0.7 ounces!  That’s the same as three quarters and a dime.

I weighed a larger pair of full-frame Costas with glass lenses just to see what the opposite end of the extreme was.  These full-weight models were 2.3 ounces, or more than three times as heavy as the Destins.

What’s the big deal, right?  Well, sunglass weight can affect your time on the water more than you realize.  Heavy shades slide down when they get slick with sweat, causing you to unconsciously scrunch up your nose to put them back in place.  They also weigh down your ears and can cause you to keep tension in your face (most often by clenching your jaw) to keep them in place.  Over a long day, unrelieved muscle tension in your face can cause headaches.

I personally blame my shades for knocking me out of one of the best days of fishing I ever saw–on the Cumberland River in Kentucky with Mike Anderson and Travis Wiles.  I snapped these two shots below in the midst of the hottest big brown trout bite of my life, then put my rod on the bank and literally laid down in the bottom of the boat thanks to a migraine.



This is like one of those DirectTV commercials: Don’t end up face-down in a riverboat during the best fishing of your life!  Consider sunglass weight and check out the new Costa rimless line!

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