Fishpond Nomad Nets


Fishpond acquired Nomad nets last summer, and they have recently released their first line of Fishpond-branded nets.  These things are seriously bad ass: fiberglass resin hoops and handles (they have apparently gotten away from using carbon fiber with this year’s “camo” theme), a clear plastic bag, and as you can see, convenient metal hooks for that bag, which, unlike stitched nets, won’t easily rot or tear loose.  Those hooks will also make bag replacement a cinch, if you ever need to.



A net is the kind of thing you really only buy once, especially if, like me, you favor the larger guide nets which can double as wading staffs.  These bad boys aren’t cheap (they range from about $160 to about $350 depending on size), but that’s fairly comparable to an equivalent wood net these days, and unlike wood, these will never rot out no matter how many times you ding the finish.

Bottom line: these are the best nets on the market today.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5.  


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