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GEARDESIGNMy friends almost uniformly comment on (make fun of) my habit of sketching out product ideas on legal pads. Sometimes I come up with something great that really ends up working.  Other times the whole idea is ridiculous from the start.  For today’s gear post I thought I’d share a few of my more or less harebrained ideas with some examples of great products that actually got there before I did.

Non-destructive Yeti Drift Boat Chair Mount

Don’t you love how terrible my product names are?  This is a design for a set of aluminum clamps that would attach to the top lid of a Yeti or similar cooler, allowing you to mount a drift boat style chair with a back, but not do any destructive drilling.  I haven’t built this one but I think it would work, and if you powder coated it black, it’d be pretty nice. 10157259_652151686204_2127144247_n

Nighttime Fish Light Buoy

This one sort of worked.  The actual rubber inner tubes depicted here were a bust, but when I went to sheet foam the buoy worked perfectly–it just didn’t draw any fish. 10155388_652151706164_2005873801_n Realization: buoysmall

Home-Built Flash Diffuser

This one worked perfectly and I am very satisfied with it.  In fact I ended up making two. 10151415_652152125324_2065128316_n Realization: 1011831_627054920324_1078487268_n

Transom-Mount Poling Platform 10001058_652151790994_2007652981_o

This one never got built either but it’s a simple design that would work on most square-ended canoes with sufficiently-wide transoms.

Stand-Up Paddle Toon

1964948_652151795984_973236738_n This one worked perfectly.

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack

1913355_652151701174_1221174106_o This was Tracy’s idea, not mine, and it isn’t a fishing post, but it also worked beautifully. 1617423_651268785544_913984452_o

Guide’s Net Sling

1620479_652152115344_178676105_n Cheap, easy, simple.  I’ve never seen this one on the market.

Resizable Lumbar System for Backpacks

1538797_652151696184_1671411233_n I think the need is there but this design is probably a little clunky, even though my goal was to design a system that would keep costs down.

Gheenoe Jack Plate

1425376_652151800974_1789325762_o This one again worked perfectly. 522729_604895388204_1121861411_n

Lumbar Flats Pack with Net Holder and Water Bladder Pouch

1167129_652151691194_583330303_o Fishpond very nearly designed this exact product with their Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack.

Kayak Wheel Kit/Outriggers

1970833_652152120334_757308772_n I don’t own a kayak so this one hasn’t been built yet either, but the concept again I think is sound. Basically instead of just having stabilizing outriggers that can flip up and down, like the Hobie Sidekick Ama system, you’d also integrate an exterior lug for attachment of cart tires, so you can roll your boat straight to the river.  The Hobie-style attachment points would need to be beefed up for this to work.

Bird-Vest Based Angling Strap Vest

unnamed (1)

I’m a huge fan of LL Bean’s Pa’tridge II Strap Vest, and I’d love to see them build a fishing version with a modular backpack…

Wader Jeans


I don’t always sketch on a legal pad.  I’ve been trying to get someone to make these for years.

unnamed (2)


Same story here.  This one seems like a no-brainer.

Hey, thanks for indulging me today.  If you’ve got your own product ideas, share them with us on the board!

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