Costa Grand Catalina Sex Tickets

Way back in the heyday of Miami Vice, the Miami Dolphins, and rolled sleeves on men’s suits, Costa Sunglasses (then Costa Del Mar) released their very first frame model, the Grand Catalinas. These were the ultimate ’80s shades; they practically came with their own mustache. Pretty much everyone opted for the mirrored version, and you know what they used mirrors for in the Eighties.1


Last year I encountered the Grand Cats for the first time when my buddy Scott Kitchens found a vintage pair washing around in the surf of the Gulf Coast. As you can see from my cheeseboat selfie, they are ENORMOUS. Unfortunately they’re too big for my skull, but that doesn’t mean they’re not awesome. I looked them up online and realized these were coming up on their 30th anniversary, and actually wrote my contact at Costa, Liza, asking whether they had any plans to release an anniversary model. As luck would have it, they did. If you’re the kind of person with the cranial width to support these, you owe it to yourself to pick a pair up so that you, too, can be a stud, stallion or dreamboat from the 1980s.

And if you get a pair, I strongly recommend the 580G Silver Mirror lenses (which are the best lenses Costa makes but, sadly, lack the T-1000 mirror-ness you’re probably picturing).

1Cocaine, Danny. They used mirrors for cocaine.

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