Yeti Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

Yeti Rambler

Whoa, this thing is new and bad-ass. The lower end is all metal, but vacuum-sealed like an old-school Stanley thermos. The lid fits down inside the exterior (which should make it very unlikely to pop off and which reduces the un-vacuumed area at the top of the container by a fair percentage versus having the lid perched right on top). The lid’s clear, tough-looking poly something with YETI stamped in their usual subtle way right across the top. I kind of love it. This is the ’78 Land Rover of Tervis Tumbler-style cups. I kind of want to paint it two-tone red and white and then rough it up a little.

As far as I can tell these aren’t out yet so I don’t know the cost, but I am confident they’ll be expensive and worth the price you pay. Yeti overbuilds everything, and you get what you pay for.

Edit: I should look closer at the boxes things come in. This is $29 (not expensive at all for what it is, in my opinion), and they also make an even bigger 30 oz. model with a step-side so it’ll fit down in the cup holder of your low rider. Now if only they’ll design a growler…

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