GSI Halulite Minimalist Cookset


I love this thing, and I use it a lot. I picked mine up at REI for less than $25, but you can find GSI products all over the place, including Bass Pro Shops. The main features on this one-man cookset are the external neoprene sleeve, which doubles as a heat shield and a wear-and-tear protection system, and the lid, which comes with an awesome drink-through slot, like a Starbucks cup. The spork is crap: throw it out and get a regular plastic spoon. The little hot pad thingie is also silly; you’ll burn yourself or lose it, and the neoprene works as a hot pad anyway.

I use mine two ways: I bring a tiny micro-stove and use it to boil water from whatever river I’m fishing so I can make campfire coffee (just boil for a minute or more and it’s sterile). The Starbucks Via packs are key here. And then, when I’m done with my coffee, I re-use the same pot to make oatmeal for breakfast or ramen noodles for lunch. Hardly innovative, but totally effective.

Rating:  5 stars out of 5*.

Purchase: REI

*Spork Rating: 0 Swedish Chefs out of 5. Spork spork spork!

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