Grace Digital ECO TERRA Waterproof Boombox

Wait a minute. This is The Itinerant Angler, not Gizmodo! What is an electronics review doing on here?

I had to. As a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan who is also a die-hard fan of summer evening striper fishing, last season I was forced to come up with a solution. And boy did I find one. This little gem, which MSRPs at $149 but can be found as low as $49 during special sales online, is the best piece of electronic kit I have ever taken in a boat. Loud, powerful, with about 10 hours of battery capacity on its 6 C-cell batteries (weird, huh?), I bought it for the ability to listen to Braves games.

What I did not anticipate is how well it would work as a phone case. The front of this thing is basically an Otter box. Have you ever had that moment in a boat when the phone is ringing and it’s your significant other and you really do need to answer, (I don’t know, maybe your kid is being born but dang it, the stripers are running?) and you just can’t get to the dang phone. This solves that problem. With two sturdy latches on top, it’s easy as pie to pop your phone out of there and get to it. There’s even enough space in the box for a small tube of sunscreen or your spare car key.

The back has hookups for both an AC adapter (which I have never used) as well as a line-in port (ditto).


But the main thing is, this sucker is rugged. And while we’re just a few years away from all having Bluetooth capable boom boxes that let us keep our phones in our pockets, if you’re fishing the drink as much as I am, that’s not really a good option either.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

Purchase: Amazon (But watch for sales, seriously!)

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