Video: How to Tie Wilson’s Trout Crack

This video will take you through the steps to tie John Wilson’s “Trout Crack,” a deadly scud pattern from Arkansas. I often fish this pattern as a dropper off a standard egg fly; brown trout in particular will often move to inspect, but refuse the egg, and then eat the Trout Crack

Trout Crack

Hook: #14-18 2X Heavy Curved Nymph
Thread: UTC Monofilament Tying Thread
Dubbing: Tan Antron
Shellback: UTC Vinyl “D” Rib in brown or peach

(1) Start thread at eye and wind back to bend of hook.
(2) Dub forward to eye, tapering to create a thicker middle.
(3) Attach D-rib flat-side down and segment back to rear.
(4) Whip finish.
(5) Glue with Zap-a-Gap or equivalent (not shown).

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