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    I would highly recommend checking with the specific airline you will be flying with ahead of time…… A lot of things that TSA will allow you to carry-on may not be allowed by the airline.

    I had a bad experience recently trying to carry on a rod tube while flying Frontier. They did not allow it being strapped onto my pack to count as part of my one carry on. Ended up paying $40 to check it.

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    For any of you that were following/interested in this thread, I finished piecing together my outfit this last weekend.

    I was planning on picking up the Rio Chucker but on a trip to the local Cabela’s to pick up the reel I ordered, I happened across a box of the Rio Gripshooter and an AirFlo Scandi Compact head. Both were located in the bargain cave and miraculously happened to be the right size for my 6wt. I couldn’t pass up the deal and was able to get both for a whopping $27!

    Made my first trip out last night to try it all out and here were my impressions:
    -Decent for overhead casting, but obviously performs better when two handed casting.
    -Despite being meant for dry flies and nymphs, I had no problem turning over some lighter streamer patterns with the Scandi.
    -Definitely would struggle casting double nymph rigs or larger streamers.
    -I see this specific set-up being great for some of the bigger trout tailwaters in my area (N. Georgia, WNC, SE Tenn….). I don’t have access to a boat so I see this being a great tool for days with higher flows where wading gets sketchy.
    -I still plan on getting ahold of the Chucker or a Skagit head for bigger flies, but overall super impressed with my bargain purchase.

    Take all of this with a salt lick, since I am new to the two handed/switch world. Thanks for all the tips from those who posted!

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I was definitely leaning towards a Skagit over a Scandi line, but I see that there are couple dedicated switch lines out there. They market them as not being excellent at single handed or two handed casting, but pretty good at both. Are any of them worth trying or should I just go with a Skagit? Been mostly looking at the Orvis Access Switch Line and the Rio Chucker…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)