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    Smh Zach, I’ll try it out.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    How do I “use” imgur?

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    I tried looking for your earlier post about posting pictures, couldn’t find it. I’m 31 years old but technology isn’t my friend. Lol. I’ll figure it out, I promise.

    No, didn’t use a gallows. Not to say I wouldn’t if I could afford one. Ha ha. But just using my hands/fingers. That picture is the only one that would post/Fit on here. It’s actually an earlier first attempt of mine. I’ve honed it in a bit since then. Thank you for the kind words.

    Okay Zach, first I’ll try and be serious……GREAT IDEA!!! I’ve also had trouble finding insect activity in my river, and the seine net idea sounds perfect. Especially for the little Midge’s.

    Okay, now, LOLOLOL! I laugh because of the “San Juan Shuffle” statement. Lol. I’ve never heard of it before. I get the idea of setting up the net in front of a riffle and whatnot, but don’t get what my buddies doing upstream??? LOLOL. Thanks again Zach………Smh lol

    Unreal how you’ve thought of little detail about spray coming off the line like that. Never gave that a thought before, but just thinking about it makes perfect sense. Especially with finicky Winter Trout. I’m not familiar with A.K.’s “Baggie” Midge. I’ll search it right when I’m through here. What Colors do you recommend? The weather here is roughly 32° in the morning and high 40°-55° in the afternoon. I’m fishing MOSTLY faster moving water, mostly.
    Can’t thank you enough for your time and suggestions Zach.
    – Justin

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    Zach Mathews…I’m still trying to upload a few photos of the Midge’s I’ve tied.

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    Zach Mathews, wow, what luck for me. I’m new on here and was wanting to get around about asking about winter fishing in North Georgia. My local Stream is the Public Access Soque River. If your unfamiliar it’s basically a Freestone stream. Usually high crowds but they slack off in the Winter. This is my first season here fly fishing religiously and passionately. When I go out I’m for the most part blind guessing on what Fly to use. I’m told right now a black Zebra Midge is one of the best bets to go with.? And smaller Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails too. ? If you could, would you help me with my horrible situation I’m having? Lol. The Trout are active too, which further adds to my headache. Lol . If it’ll let me I’ll add a few pictures of what Simple Midge’s I’ve tied so far.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)