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    Wedding is an excellent event which provides a lot of picture taking opportunities. Not only this, these moments are to be recorded for future. Now let’s get to the point, i.e. things to be taken in consideration before packing a bag for wedding photography .
    1) First check the camera properly and ensure it’s proper functioning.
    2) Check the battery strength (battery backup).
    3) Make sure that your memory chip is free of past data and it is approximately 8 GB free because you ought to take long videos and a lot of captions.
    4) Flash is another thing that you mustn’t forget to carry to work in dim lights.
    5) Tripod is another important thing for group photo.
    6) Most importantly, make the list of the things that you need to carry and check them one by one.
    I am finished now I hope you will give me some feedback on reading this post.


    It should already be very clear to a photographer as to what should be included in their bag along with equipment prep.  If it were to become a concern…i have doubts about the photographer shooting the event. The only equipment advice I would give is:

    ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP CAMERA BODY (anything else needed for your wedding shoot)!

    Some additional thoughts:

    Make sure you have a contract signed

    Go through a photo walk through with the bride prior to the shoot.  Have clear expectations of what is to be captured

    Wedding photography is SERIOUS work.  You are capturing imagery that will only be captured once. A wedding tog is being hired for their artistry. Not getting it right can possibly cost you money in litigation.  Make sure contracts and expectations are in place.  Always carry back up gear and have a plan “B”.

    I shot a wedding last summer and during the ring exchange/kiss my camera locked up.  I held my hand out and my assistant placed another camera in my hand and I began clicking.  I didnt skip a beat.  I do not want to think about what would have happened if I were to have botched that moment because of equipment failure.  Come to find out afterwards my equipment locked up do to my mistake….  lesson learned.  Always be prepared.

    After shooting a number of weddings, the real work comes after in post with photo albums and print.  It can take some time to figure out how much post production you will need to include in your wedding packages.  Not including enough can cost you a small fortune.  Including too much can cost you a gig.  

    Know your market and price competitively.  

    Learn to understand which clients and opportunities fall within your style of photography.

    John BennettJohn Bennett

    What Jay said.

    I myself won’t do weddings unless it’s for family. Namely because the price for my time, and  “expertise”, having to deal with unruly MoBs, who think they know best…Bridezilla’s, a long day and even longer Post. I’d be asking puts the “onus” on me. While I’m fully confident the fact remains it’s the brides day and there are no “re-takes”. If Im going to ask thousands, my final product better warrant it. Not once in a while, not when the light and locations are easy….Each and everytime regardless of light,location, time of day, weather and much more.

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve been to weddings in the past couple years and have watched “professional togs” make mistake after mistake or who clearly don’t really know what they are doing. I watched one “girl” position the couple against a setting sun.

    great location, great idea……Shame she didn’t mount or have a flash.
    I was so tempted to walk over and say to the couple…”here, let me take this shot for you.

    It’s becoming more common. Me personally I can’t decide which side of the fence I’m on.

    On one hand you have a bride who’s wedding photo’s are at best “mediocre”, usually terrible. Who “hired” a tog that advertised themselves as a “Pro”.

    On the other I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. She obviously chose said “Pro” for a reason….budget. Discount rates = discount tog.
    Buyer beware imo.

    A friend of mine does weddings. It’s generally starts at $4,000, usually more due to “extra’s”.

    Then again he has backups for bodies and his main lenses (85 f1.2 and 70-200mm f2.8), assistant, and so very much more.

    Matt JonesMatt Jones

    No offense, but those tips seem pretty basic and in my opinion apply to photography in general. Smells like a spammy post to me.


    That’s exactly what I thought. I’ve learned to sniff out a spammer from a mile away. They’ve been very persistent lately too. Had to finally put questions on my boards registration process. We went from 40 spammer registration attempts a day to 0.


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