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    Red fishing this weekend with Paul Rose, Alan Dozier and Adam Dozier.  One the best fishing trips ever.

    I had caught a red fish on a fly once before, but only in the way a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut – pure luck.  This was my first time sight fishing for them – tailing fish, mudding fish, moving fish, sneaking the boat through grass, poling across 6 inches of water, etc.   At times, there were thousands of fish near the boat.  When they decided to eat, it was game on.

    Carp fishing on the local lakes has been the perfect way to practice for reds.  Can’t wait until next time.  Here are some of the memories:

    Chris Ray

    Nice Job. This is the time to fish the lowcountry. We caught a pig yesterday on the low tide, and going tonight for reds in the grass.
    Congrats again.


    Aaron…great report and photos.

    paul rose

    Good luck Cameron,glad your getting to go and sorry you could not make this one. We
    will fish soon.

    Neal Osborn

    The last photo is awesome Aaron!  Great majestic golden color on that redfish.  

    However, damn man try to smile (not snarl) when you get your picture taken.  😉

    Did you fish with Paul Rose?



    Neal, that’s an excellent tip.  Need to add the grin to the grip and grin.
    You will have a great time with Paul when you put that trip together.  

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Great pics Aaron.


    Thanks.  I need to start spending more time with fishing photos.  My kids have been the primary subject for the last decade or so.  I enjoyed the photos on this trip as much as the fishing and can see a few ways (in addition to smiling) that I can make them better.  For starters, keeping the fish extra wet seems like a good one.

    Got the water drops at f/8 1/1000.

    Allan DozierAllan Dozier

    Yep, we had a good time on our boat too.

    I plan on living forever, so far so good.


    My wife and I spent this past weekend in Charleston and ended the trip with a quick half day trip with Scott from Lowcountry Fly Shop.  I caught my first redfish not twenty minutes into the morning.  I was stoked.  

    Needless to say…I need another redfish fix.

    I tweaked this image in my iPhone with the HDR filter in the Camera+ app and then the Helga filter in CameraBag.  Made it a bit more dramatic.  


    Nice fish, Cameron.



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