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    So I’ve now fully switched from Canon to Nikon and run a D800e and a D810 for work and the fishing articles.
    All good, they’re great cameras and the broad dynamic range makes processing raws from less than ideal lighting situations (like a lot of fishing stuff) a breeze. They lunch the Canon stuff in this regard.

    That said, I look at the new Sony A7rII’s and can’t help but think what a great fishing camera they might be.
    More rez than the 810, only a bit less dynamic range and some good points about the electronic view finder.
    The growing lens line-up is not ideal for my regular work, but more than enough for fishing photography and I expect a lot of that gap will close in the next year or two.
    The 5 axis stabilisation that can be used with any lens is also a real positive that I can see being very handy in lower light on the river or lake.

    The two things I see as real negatives are the VERY short battery life and the fact they only hold one SD card so you can’t have a back-up when shooting.
    I understand the smaller battery makes everything lighter, but only one card slot ?
    FWIW, I’ve had a lot of memory cards over the years and have had a couple flat-out failures with SD’s and lost or broken a couple as well. CF cards on the other hand have proved bomb proof.
    On the Canons I’ve owned, and now the Nikons, I shoot a raw to the main card and a high rez JPEG as a back-up to the second card. This gives me a very usable back-up in the event that a card fails or is lost.
    I see the single card slot as a HUGE oversight by Sony and proof that they’re still not really thinking about pro photographers as much as keen amateurs.
    Fair enough I suppose as the amateur market is now much larger, but I hope it’s something they address in the next generation.

    FWIW, my fantasy A7rII lens kit for fishing work would be the Zeiss 25 Batis, the Sony 55 1.8 and the new 90 macro.

    Just thinking aloud,

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.


    Now that this camera has been out a while, and the honeymoon is waining, I see more and more reviews where the cameras faults are being discussed.
    A general feeling is that these morrorless camera, while very cool, are still dragging the chain a bit on creatures and function compared to DSLR’s.
    The Sony gets mention for having odd shut-down periods or brief crashes and rubbish menu set-up.

    I might sit on the fence a while longer.

    The Fuji stuff interests me as well and I see there’s going to be a model upgrade soon that might have more resolution and possible a twin memory card slot.
    The big thing about Fuji is the excellent line of lenses they have. Most are very highly regarded for sharpness and contrast and the price for the good primes is quite reasonable given their quality.
    From what I hear, the EVF’s are very good as well.

    Whatever comes next for me, this I do know, it won’t weigh as much as a DSLR !

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.

    Roy Conley
    Roy Conley

    Yes battery life is very short with it and I am reading a constant issue sport use where due to the view finder lag, the ball is missing from a lot of photos. I am thinking that Nikon is waiting the electronic view finder lag to be acceptable for sports, before they release a high end EVF camera.

    Do you not love those images that the D810 captures.


    Roy, no question the 810 (and 800E) sensor is awesome.
    The camera is beautifully thought out as well with great ergonomics and handling.
    The resolution, dynamic range and high ISO performance would have been unimaginable before the D800e, even in medium format digital.

    All good.

    The thing is, it’s a lot of weight and a lot of that resolution is wasted at the magazine and almost pointless for on-screen stuff.
    I would trade some of it to lighten the load, but would still want the wide dynamic range.

    Also, my eye’s are not what they used to be, and an EVF might help.
    Certainly, the split screen on the Fuji or the face detect AF on the Sony’s would make shooting some things easier than with an optical finder.
    All that said, I’m still yet to try either a Sony or a Fuji – maybe they won’t cut it.

    A picture is thousand words that takes less than a second while a thousand words is a picture that takes a month.


    R Black

    DxO gives the A7RII it’s best ever sensor rating. I’m not an experienced photographer but with a dslr isn’t there even more lag with the mirror movement, then the shutter vs no mirror to move before the shutter? I’ve heard pro photographers say that if you see the action then trip the shutter you missed the moment.

    I have an A7II and yes it does go thru batteries but it’s easy to carry a couple extras as well as an extra SD card. I was never interested in carrying a full frame camera until I saw the mirrorless. They are not yet perfect but they sure seem to be here to stay.

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