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    T. WilesT. Wiles

    Labor Day , and this past weekend, I’ve been able to get out and share the water with my brother, then my father, and solo. The Hog Skiff did awesome, and got me to waters on 3 rivers I’ve been daydreaming about visiting for years. I ran up and down some seriously bony class I rapids…got a few dings in the jet foot, but had an absolute blast getting them.
    The summer bite is over and the fall bite hasn’t quite kicked in. Despite the slower fishing, we were immersed in perfect weather and gorgeous setting, and still did have some fishy encounters. Jay missed and absolute monster smallie, and I was able to land a muskie to share an awesome memory fishing with my father.
    Once the frosts start kicking in, and the lethargic muskies become unglued from the bottom, I will return to pay them another visit. I’ll try to focus more on the smallies now that they’re getting fired up. Got a good tip on some new water that sounds unreal.

     photo 20130902-IMGP5276_zps6b6c3416.jpg

     photo 20130902-IMGP5278_zps50fd6ffd.jpg

     photo 20130902-IMGP5281_zps26fcb5c0.jpg

     photo 20130902-IMGP5282_zps8755b558.jpg

     photo 20130906-IMGP5292_zpsb4782700.jpg

     photo null_zps2173aa11.jpg

     photo 20130906-IMGP5300_zps80fb1bc2.jpg

     photo 20130906-IMGP5301_zpsa02b9b3c.jpg

     photo null_zpsadf3d69b.jpg

     photo 20130906-IMGP5308_zpsf623b6cd.jpg

     photo null_zpsfe1619bc.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5313_zps59e6d47e.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5319_zpsb066c107.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5320_zpsf03f29a3.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5322_zps787d30e7.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5323_zps4e2a5f1f.jpg

     photo 20130907-IMGP5324_zpsa466e9f6.jpg

     photo null_zps3f88b01e.jpg

     photo 20130908-IMGP5325_zps5ea96751.jpg

     photo 20130908-IMGP5327_zps580e6645.jpg

     photo 20130908-IMGP5329_zps0ce9d9c1.jpg

     photo null_zps7f6ed3b8.jpg

     photo null_zpsdcd210b8.jpg

    Here’s a short video of the jet riding back to the ramp.




    Looks great Travis. Boat is looking mean.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    That’s awesome, Travis. That boat really looks great and I am impressed with your ability to consistently catch muskie.


    Tim Pommer

    As always, good stuff Travis. One of these days I’m going to invite myself fishing with you.

    Peter E.Peter E.

    I dig, what boat is that?


    Good stuff .. Cool Muskie.

    John StanleyJohn Stanley

    How does the dachshund like the new boat?

    T. WilesT. Wiles

    Thanks guys.

    Tim, you’re welcomed to fish with me anytime. Musky season is really firing up right now…lots of fish are finally starting to move–got a monster yesterday.
    Peter, the boat is Hog Islands new SW skiff, a 16.5 ft roto-molded plastic boat with a foam core, very versatile for river fishing.

    John, Jazzi (my Dachshund) loves the new boat. The plastic does not get very hot, and she has plenty of space to crawl around and to lie in the shade

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