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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey guys –

    I got a comment on the podcast on the iTunes store that I wanted to respond to.

    Jack Kos

    Unfortunately the issue with producing anything for a wide market is that invariably some of your viewers are going to be idiots. I certainly haven’t listened to all of the podcasts, but the ones I have listened to have been genuinely informative. If you interview anyone who works in ‘the industry’, who tend to be the best informed people, there’s going a little commercial impetus but that’s far outweighed by the information offered.

    Abe Mathews


    I’m sorry you have to deal with this, man.  I know you.  You’re not a corporate shill.  You’re a writer (a damned good one, I might add) and an enthusiast.  I truly don’t believe you’re going to highlight anything that you don’t truly believe is quality gear.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t other other quality gear out there, but you’re not exposing crap as the second coming.  I listen to your podcasts.  I learn from your podcasts.  I may not always be fond of the choices you’ve made in guests, but I always learn something.

    What this review smacks of is something that I learned in about 1995, while I was in grad school.  I was a sysadmin at a computer lab in the humanities department.  Another sysadmin was a doctoral candidate, and his thesis was going to be on using anonymous internet chat software to (for the first time, in his opinion) truly be able to discuss sensitive issues of race, gender, and sexuality.  He was convinced (as was I, early on) that this technology would truly enable open communication that helped solve difficult issues.

    What his thesis ended up being was a study that showed a troubling side.  What he ended up showing was that there was a significant portion of the population who could not deal with anonymity, and that allowing them to be anonymous turned them into, essentially, raving a$$holes.  Even in small groups of like-minded people, giving true anonymity would change a couple of them into hateful troublemakers that acted out playground-style namecalling and crap-stirring.  Alan’s thesis has stuck with me since then.  I’m reminded of it often (including my brief stint on The Drake forums, which I thought did an exceptional job of continuing Alan’s work…).

    So you’re dealing with a person who can’t handle being anonymous, and is reacting to you out of jealousy, or some hope that you’ll ask Lefty why he has a restraining order against him from Bill Dance (HE DOES NOT, at least not to my knowledge – it was an example).

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the punks get you down.  As long as there is no repercussion for that type of behavior, it will always exist, unfortunately.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    Mark SidesMark Sides

    There will always be a few self righteous grumps floating around, hell I’m guilty of it once in a while.
    Your podcasts are interesting [s:1ktvmwwk]Zack[/s:1ktvmwwk] Zach, keep doing what your doing and screw the rest of em’. 😎


    ignore that cohonk lamo


    I’m sitting here listening to the sunglass podcast for the 10th or so time, I’m researching new glasses.

    Pay the turd no attention, you can’t please everyone, even my wife and kids don’t like me 100% of the time

    Clay Smith

    I was excited you got permission for a big fat sweaty guy like me to wear super tight pants and claim science as the reason.

    R Black

    I have listened to all of your podcasts and learned something from each one.  
    Even more than that, I appreciate your love for our sport and your work ethic.
    Keep it up Zach   😎

    Is there any way we could get a smiley face in a green mirror 580G ?

    Clay Smith

    Randy-did you not listen to the podcast?

    Mike McKeownMike McKeown

    Zach, he’s just a tjop…

    Justin WittJustin Witt

    This kind of thing is just so unfortunately common, but also an excellent example of why the Itinerant Angler Message Board stands out so much from the crowd.  The internet, being a window of anonymity through which anyone can throw any brick they like into the traffic below without chance of repercussion, tends to bring out the worst in a lot of people, and most webmasters either turn a blind eye to that occurrence, or even worse, encourage it.  Zach has  done a great job of keeping this space positive, informative, cordial, and fun, and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy at times.  Its a matter of culture, I think, in the end.  And the culture here is just better than other places on the web.  Several years ago I had one of my favorite clients in the world down, a guy who you just feel deep in your bones is the type of person who would never even think about doing the wrong thing, in any situation, and he caught a spectacular fish.  It was a hen rainbow of 32″, and I encouraged him to enter our photo of it in another website’s contest.  It got a lot of comments, and most of them were wonderful, but then some guy, who knows why, wrote “Dude looks like a retard”, and that got posted to the board.  I felt terrible.  My client wasn’t sensitive about it, and he still comes down every year.  But the whole thing just still bothers me.  

    Like the others say in the threads above Zach, just ignore it.  You can’t manage what goes on on the iTunes page, but you do a heck of a good job managing what goes on here, and there are a lot of us, I think a whole lot of us, that really appreciate all your work and the wonderful community space you have created.  

    Clay Smith

    I definitely appreciate the space/atmosphere on this board.

    John S.

    Zach, no such thing as bad publicity.

    John Stanley

    When you deal with the media, even on I-Tunes reviews, all you can hope for is they spell your name right.


    Zach –

    I think Bob Dylan said it best, “everybody must get stoned.”  He wasn’t talking about the ganja, he was talking about critique.  
    My favorite I T podcasts are the ones that feature fisherman like Ed Engle, Kelly Gallop and others.  In some ways I happen to agree with COHonk.  That’s why I shared similar words with you about two years ago through PM when you requested feedback on the pod casts.  My main point was this – how about more conversation with folks who can actually weald a fly rod and fewer conversations with corporate big wigs who know how to run a company or sell products.  If The Drake is – ‘for those who fish’, perhaps Itinerant is – ‘for those who talk about fishing products’.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some fishing product conversation from time to time, but at the end of the day what winds my clock is setting the hook. There are lots of wonderful podcasts out there, Orvis and Moldy Chum are great.  Your’s fits it’s own niche I guess.  Lot’s of people enjoy your work.  You have made a name for yourself in the FF industry, congrats.
    Lastly, is ‘COHonk’ a member of this board?  Because you address him as though he has the chance to reply and explain what he meant.


    Colin M.Colin M.

    Zach I don’t listen to podcasts, because frankly i don’t listen to any podcasts from anyone ever because I dont really have the time.

    Brian GreerBrian Greer

    I’ll throw in my thoughts.

    I listen to the podcast more now than I did before. I’ve listened to everything this season and have dug up a lot of stuff from the past. I listen while I am downstairs, tying flies, organizing, getting ready for a trip, or what-have-you.

    I like the technical explanations of things. That’s just how I’m built, I like details. Before I buy something that I consider important, I research the hell out of it to make sure I get what I need and want. No use throwing away money.

    Long before coming to this site, I owned Simms Gore-tex and Costas. I bought a pair of 580’s right when the technology hit the market. I’m not a bandwagon jumper.

    I think it’s great when someone comes on the podcast and says, “Here’s how we do it….and here’s *why* we do it that way.” If that’s a product I might be interested in, I will research things and see if that is indeed what I consider the best for my use.

    Not every podcast is for me. I don’t think that I am going to go to fish the salt in Central America. It’s possible, but I doubt it. There are a lot more places that I would rather go to fish. But I’d still listen to a podcast about it, just for information’s sake.

    That’s enough rant. Keep doing things the way you’re doing them. You can’t please everyone, there’s no need to even try. You’re stuff’s good. I enjoy it.

    Tim Pommer

    Ok, fine.


    Haters gonna hate…

    john burt

    I am a newcomer to the podcasts ( and now to this board ).

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