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    Curious what some of you are using for software. I had been using Photoshop and then got distracted from photography with some other hobbies and obligation as the Photoshop CC subscription model came into being. So this past weekend, I signed up for a year of service when I had a few photos I wanted to fix and realized the old computer with the Photoshop was as good as dead.

    So far, the latest Photoshop seems similar and incrementally improved. My initial impression after 30 minutes is favorable. I am not familiar with Light Room, but hope I am not too old to learn a few tricks so that becomes useful, as well.

    As the year progresses, however, I am curious to know if some of you are finding better solutions. Do you like Photoshop CC or did you dump Photoshop when it became a subscription service and switch to something else?

    Bob RigginsBob Riggins

    I use Corel Paintshop Pro X5 and Corel Aftershot Pro 2. I don’t really have anything to compare them too but both got good reviews. Actually, I didn’t really choose them. When I upgraded WordPerfect and Quatro at work, I got Paintshop Pro as a free bundled add on and when I registered it I got a very good price on Aftershot Pro 2 for RAW processing.

    I also got Corel VideoStudio 6x as a free add on and it works great for videos. I did an hour and a half video for our Africa trip for Brenda’s class that incorporated videos, still pictures and music from an African group CD. It was easy to use. I ended up getting all 3 programs for about $30.

    Paintshop Pro and Aftershot Pro are much less expensive than Photoshop and Lightroom and work fine for me. I think you can get Paintshop Pro for about $65 and Aftershot Pro for about $55. That is buying the license outright, not a subscription. You can also download them free and try them before you buy.

    Brett ColvinBrett Colvin

    Photoshop is the professional solution – there is really nothing else with the broad industry support, variety of plugin compatibility, and depth of features. That being said, professional solutions usually involve investment both in continuing education as well as dollars.

    Right now I am still running CS6 and Lightroom 6 and haven’t gone to Creative Cloud. I will as soon as a few compelling features which directly impact my workflow show up.

    There are a lot of good, solid tools out there for less money which make a lot of sense if you are not seeing much income from photography. Those who do begin monetizing their work usually end up with Photoshop, and in those cases time spent learning other tools might go at least partially to waste.

    As a hobby and for personal enjoyment – go with anything that has the features you use most. If you intend to sell stuff, I’d say continue with PS.


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