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    Site looks nice, trout spey stuff is starting to take off I beleive, even for other species such as bass and yes even channel catfish and carp  !!  

    Did some saltwater stiper fishing back in NJ last month with my 14 foot 9 wgt Orvis.  Throwing scandinavian heads into those winds is more exercise than throwing heavy sink tips all day for GLs steelhead.  

    Good luck with the job.

    BTW, you know me as Black Ghost from John Wilsons Arkansas board, now using Long Shank on new boards I may join.

    All the best


    P.S. All the best I will be back checking in periodically.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey BG/LS!

    Thanks for coming over and having a chat.


    Hi Zach

    Just registered and I really like your board and its format.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey James-

    Nice to have you.


    HeyZach! Great board! Hows it going, havent talked with you for awhile.Signed on to the other FFboard and found quite a quagmire ???,and your note about this new creation of yours. Nice. I’m Jeff from south eastern Pa. in case you dont recognize the screen name. Funny name I guess, considering if you have a tailing loop you strive to get rid of it by all means, but I put in a bunch of ff related nicknames at the other board and most of them were taken ,so , the name stuck,oh well. Any way, we are in our striper season here on the Delaware river and east coast. Not much luck yet, or should I say ,No braging sized catches of yet.I’ve got a few schooly sized and thats it so far. I’ve had better luck with Trout so far this spring and am trying to make the time to spend on the water.Hope all is well with you and Lauren, and your catching lots of fish.Good luck with this site! 🙂
    Take care,

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Thanks Jeff!


    Thats too bad about all the rain. We have had almost the oposite problem, either it rains so hard the rivers and creeks flood horribly or its so dry the creeks are low and warm. Hope it evens out soon and the fish gods smile on us all soon! Talkto you soon!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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