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    Looking at a new hatch for my 7.

    Rick Marcum

    Get one!

    john yuschak

    I have 3 and looking for another, absolutely love them. I also like Nautalis reels. I

    Michael Exl

    Best reel on the market. I have been selling my Tibors and Nautilus reels and replacing them with Hatch.


    I have this Hatch Monsoon 7 Plus used once or twice by it’s late owner. I am selling it for his widow. If interested please contact me. I had it checked by the folks at Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop and they said it was in perfect order and the new spools of the new model will fit them as well.


    Hatch probably got the best drag system in the world, but they’re tad on the heavier side compared to the similar spec’ed reels (tibor probably being the exception).

    I have several hatch(es) ranging from 3+ to 7+, they’re joy to use, the secret is you go ‘up rod’ it couple of rod wt up. What I mean is I use 3+ on my 5wt rod, 5+ on my 7wt rod and so on.

    Having large spool and using gel spun backing enables you to do so and using that method, it balances nicely on the modern light fly rod.

    R Black

    Hatch makes a great reel.  The original series were on the heavy side but the new “Finnatic” reels are quite a bit lighter.
    I use the midarbor spools, they hold more line than the large arbor.


    Agree, the finatic series definitely lighter than the monsoon, but they’re still tad heavier than other comparable brands, so I still ‘up rod’ them and they work fine and balance nicely.

    A friend of mine bought the 1+ and the reel is sure purrrdy, he couples it with sage txl-f 4wt, using gelspun, he manages to have pretty close to 100yrd backing in it!! Don’t get fooled by the size, that thing can take a lot of backing for its intended line wt!

    Chris BeechChris Beech

    Fantastic reels – I have a 5+ that I use on #5 and #6 weight rods and 7+ that I use for #8 and #9 weight rods. All large arbor spools, loaded with GSP FINS backing.

    Best Regards,


    Gerard SGerard S

    I’m interested in a Hatch reel but it is the weight which concerns me. There are no dealers near me so would have to be mail order.
    I have a 8wt Helios rod for bonefish and was wondering If I would get away with a Hatch 5/7 using 40lb gelspun backing -need 175yds or so.
    Anyone any experience with the 5/7 and 8wts?


    I ended up getting a couple of the hatch reels.

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