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    Colin M.Colin M.

    Been ages since I dropped a post or report, so I figure I’d fire this fun one off.

    Have no fished trout this year until this past Saturday, with a wedding and a honeymoon as well as a pile of work stacked up, getting out to trout fish has been difficult.

    However, I was invited to fish some water that shall not be named with a friend of mine on Saturday. IA hat mojo was strong.

    No IA food shots, WaWa breakfast sammiches and Wendy’s are not acceptable for photographical purposes.

    We were in some fun territory though…

    The only non-brown trout involved was a feisty wild brookie around 12 inches who didn’t want to pose for any pictures.

    The trout fishing was a mixed bag of streamers, nymphs and dry flies…(more on that later)

    The first good fish taken was one I will remember if I never remember another trout eat.

    Chucking a streamer on a sink tip through deep holes is S.O.P. This spot was no different…

    Until a 22 inch pumpkin colored brown launches itself off the bottom, getting air borne on a streamer eat, not unlike South African White sharks plunking seals. It was like nothing i’d ever seen.

    That fish launching out of the Emerald Depths is something I’ll never forget.
    Another fish liked the same streamer, though the fish was less remarkable.

    The final two fish of the day came on Hendrickson duns. There isn’t much to say that the photos don’t.

    Although the resemblance to a shark’s body shape in this photo is uncanny…

    The last fish of the day…well…

    Wont soon be forgotten…on a 14 Hendrickson dun no less.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Solid work Colin! Were those stream residents or were they making their way in from somewhere else? Great shots, tell your buddy he did good too.


    Colin M.Colin M.

    Stream residents. He did great with the camera! and the net.

    T. WilesT. Wiles

    You’re definitely giving the Kiwi’s a run for their money. Congratulations on getting hitched. Great report and beautiful browns.


    Colin M.Colin M.

    Thanks and thanks! For perspective, via a trusty (crusty) cloth tape measure, the first two taped in the 22 inch range, one nearly 23, and the last taped at 27 and a bit of change. The fish with the streamer still in its face was around 16, clearly not 20 so we didn’t tape that one.

    Travis I’m still chasing that brown you posted some while ago…I needed a few more pounds on that last fish to get in the conversation.

    Tim AngeliTim Angeli

    What a day! Great fish and great photos. That last fish is a monster, and on a dry no less. Awesome. Looks like cool water too – slow, stained, and full of snags – brown trout heaven.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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