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    Colin M.Colin M.

    Probably heading there for the HM in April 2014, staying in the northwest around Matangi. (I think that’s the name)

    Any of you Itinerants do any fishing out there??

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Colin I have nothing to offer on Fiji but it sounds totally bad ass and I hope you’ll take a lot of pictures and post back.


    Mark SidesMark Sides

    I know some fly guys that have gone the Fiji route.
    The feedback was that it was quite challenging and a guide is pretty much mandatory with the bulk of successful action being blue water.
    Then again its a fishing story, they were probably swilling rum the whole time.

    Tim Pommer

    I stopped there on my way to New Zealand in ’02. We had plenty of trout gear but no saltwater gear with us so I can’t help much aside from this – do your homework and find an outfitter. Based on what I saw, Fiji is not a DIY fishing location. The majority of anglers there fish only to feed their families. Asking to go fly fish will get you nothing but weird looks from the locals.

    Tim AngeliTim Angeli

    I can’t speak from personal experience, but Fiji is a relatively short jump from NZ so I have done a fair bit of research on the fishing there and also know a lot of friends who have been. One of my good friends got into some great trevally in Fiji while there for a wedding about 2 years ago. He said that during the mornings and evenings the trevs would crash bait right at the water’s edge, but would largely move offshore during the day. Locals were consistently getting into some really good fish in boats just offshore, including routinely getting busted off by massive GTs. I can put you in touch with my friend if you want, just shoot me a PM and I’ll give you his email address.

    Fiji is made up of hundreds of islands, and from my simple google search, it looks like Matangi Resort is on a relatively small private island in the northeast. I would guess the fishing could be quite good there, since you will be fairly removed from the large population bases of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

    I highly recommend taking a 8-10wt with a floating line and some small-medium poppers for casting from the beach at trevs chasing bait in the morning and evening. If it were me, I would also pack a 12wt and sinking line and try to get out in a boat at least once. It is likely worth asking the resort about fishing options, as they very likely have someone that could take you out for an afternoon, especially if you stress the point that you will have all your own gear and are self-sufficient. Alternatively, the local Fijians are notoriously friendly and you very well may be able to talk a local fisherman into taking you out in his boat.

    Brian O’Keefe did a photo essay or slide show on Fiji in one of the early issues of Catch Magazine. I don’t recall there being much useful info in terms of planning your own trip, but it may give you a bit of inspiration.

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Thanks for the feedback. It will mostly be exploratory. I’d rather be dropped somewhere and get to fend for myself. But hearing that fish are around is really all I’m looking for. Tim I’ll certainly be shooting you a pm.

    keep it coming guys.

    Edit: Tim I might be a little slow, I’m having a hell of a time finding the new PM feature. Feel free to pass along my email address, it should be in my profile.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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