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    Hey folks, long-time follower first-time poster here. I love this board and all of the great contribution that comes from it. Unfortunately I’m going through a divorce and need to liquidate a few things. The items listed below are for sale and I’ll consider any reasonable offers…so let me know if you’re interested.

    Eric WellerEric Weller

    picture of the Ross evolution reel and price please

    Chris Ray

    how much for the galvan t4.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Sorry to hear that Brandon.

    Phil LandryPhil Landry

    $120 for rhythm 1.5


    picture of the Ross evolution reel and price please

    Eric, I sent you a PM.

    Eric WellerEric Weller

    I got the PM, I have been outnof the loop lately with coaching.

    will irvin

    z axis price?

    Noah Metzler

    interested in the sage slt. price?


    Galvan Torque reel has been sold.  Kinda bummed to see it go…they are sweeeet reels!

    I’ll consider any reasonable, or maybe even unreasonable, offers on the other gear.

    tino almanza

    Is the S4 still for sale?


    Tino, I sent you a PM.


    Sage Z-Axis sold…tears still flowing (from parting with the rod).

    Other gear still for sale…need money for beer and chicken wings

    scott s.

    Anything left for sale?


    pm sent…no response

    Chris Ray

    I bought his galvan. Nice to work with. He should answer

    Stu HastieStu Hastie

    Um, shouldn’t you now have more time to fish? More need to fish perhaps?

    Good luck anyhow, Brandon. I’m going to have to get myself one of those Galvans one of these days.


    Yes!! I do have more time to fish now, and I’ve been getting out a bit which has been great, but financially this was…I’ll say unexpected.


    Hey guys, sorry for the late responses, I’ve been a bit out of pocket lately, some due to time on the water, which has been great.


    Ok guys…time to get aggressive on pricing!  Still for sale:

    – ADDED: Ross Evolution 2 (4-6 weight) Black Reel w/ Spare Spool – great condition
    – ADDED: Ross CLA 3 (6-8 weight) Black Reel – great condition
    – ADDED: Ross CLA 1 (2-4) Copper Reel – great condition
    – ADDED: Loop AEG Trout Bum 9’6″ 6 Weight Rod – like-new condition (hate to put this up for sale  >:( )

    – Scott S4 8’6″ 4 Weight Rod – like-new condition
    – Sage SLT 8’3″ 3 Weight Rod – great condition
    – TFO Jim Teeny 9′ 7 Weight Rod – great condition
    – Ross Evolution 1.5 (3-5 Weight) Silver Reel – like-new condition
    – Ross Rhythm 1 (2-4 Weight) Black Reel – great condition
    – TFO TiCRx 9′ 5 Weight Rod – good condition


Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 27 total)
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