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    Colin M.Colin M.

    Since its that time of year, and since I’ve not put this report up due to 10 million other things, I figured I would get you guys “in the mood” since I was so inspired by that report from Chile…Fellow IA member John Williams makes an appearance as well, Some of the Photos are to his credit, as for once I did not need to use a tri-pod and timer to take “self heroshots”

    These photos were from last May through July…enjoy…

    This poor eagle was being harassed incessantly by this oriole.

    and the last landed fish of the night…around 11:30ish i think? John was fortunate to hook one more, which sounded like a beaver as it thrashed about around midnight, however he spat the fly…and left both of us shaking THAT was a big fish…

    Catching large fish in pitch darkness is a harrowing and amazing experience, however it’s opportunities for much more than hero shots are quite limited. But fishing the Delaware well into the dark, isn’t about the photos, its about the chilling feeling as you’re wading chest deep into the unknown, the petrifying beaver slaps 5 feet away from you, and the ferocious gulps and thrashing of trout still yet unknown…

    ps. I cheated and threw in some bug photos from the previous year, just because they were better…


    YOu really should have cleaned the lens before the second shot. All of that stuff is obstructing a really nice gray rainy day.

    You also forgot to mention that every one of those fish were taken on dry flies!

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Ahem, I did forget to clean the lens on the second photo, the picture is really showing the darkening valley and low cloud cover, not the dust.

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