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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey all –

    The fly fishing interwebs seem slow lately. Magazines have been shrinking (or in the case of Fly Rod & Reel, dying). Even the blogs seem less active. Not really sure why. There’s lots of innovation going on in the culture.

    Anyway, it was time for a post.

    Andrew Wright and I caught a weather window a couple weekends back and quickly landed eight carp between us, taking turns on the deck. As usual almost all of them fell to neutral buoyancy flies fished in less than 3 feet of water to spotted, feeding carp. The biggest challenge in catching carp is usually finding them, but we actually had clear water on a flat for once, which made that part easy. The second biggest challenge–and not by much–is feeding the fish. Even when they are munching, you have to put the fly directly in front of them and ease into the sip as the fish follows.

    Andrew has caught a lot more carp than me and he generally strikes for keeps to take the slack out. That can mean fish popping off, however. I tend to wait until I feel the tension of a take, then slow-strip the hook home. You can almost feel it pop into the rubber of their lips.

    I also had occasion to clean my rubber-bagged fishpond net of some of the scum it’s developed from the Hooch over the last few seasons. Board member Jay Malyon turned me on to a cleaning product called Purple Power a while back, and it worked great. It’s very very basic (pH speaking), so be sure you rinse it off after just a few minutes. I sprayed the net bag down then used a push broom to scrub it on both sides, then hosed it off. It’s about 85% clean again. (I also did some repairs with zip ties).

    The same Purple Power does a great job cleaning SeaDek if you have some. Just scrub it again with a push broom and hose off.

    Anyone else fishing?



    Where are some good spots to stalk some carp around Atlanta? I know bull sluice lake has some flats, any other spots worth checking out?



    When you can find an opportunity to fish some clear water its great!

    And got my first grass carp!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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