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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    We are at 261% of normal rainfall over the past 30 days, the heart of striper season. For the year so far we’re 16 inches above normal rainfall.

    Mike ClineMike Cline

    We were there two years ago (2011) when runoff didn’t end until late July (Yellowstone Flows Corwin Springs 2010-13. This year Montana precip YTD is at 85-105% of normal. Wyoming is a bit dryer. But this is what we like to see. A quote from Park’s Fly Shop in Gardner:

    With the Yellowstone now dropping and clearing daily, we are now booking float trips for the remainder of June. We expect the Salmonfly hatch to begin no later than June 26, and probably sometime between the 21st and 24th.

    Pretty good for mid June in Montana. Most of the big name rivers are following suit.

    Strategy without Tactics is a Slow Route to Victory, Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat - Sun Tzu

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    That’s awesome Mike. I may have to schedule a trip if I plan to do any fishing at all this summer…

    Peter E.Peter E.

    A friend and I went all the way out to the Bilouxi marsh for redfish and it was pea soup. Too much fresh water and the wind has been whipping non-stop this summer so far. I’m looking towards fall already.

    Jeff SmithJeff Smith

    My plan to zip over to the Bow River this week are gone. We have had an incredible amount of rain the last couple days. Now the everything from the Bow through the Elbow, Sheep and Highwood down through the Oldman and likely the Crowsnest are all flooding, and I mean flooding.
    Most small towns along the way are evacuated this AM, highways closed/washed out. Even parts of Calgary are evac’ed including downtown. Yikes.
    Is it 2005 again or worse? Gonna be a long summer.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    I’m actually going bait fishing tonight. That’s how bad it has gotten. Hopefully though we’ll be able to mix some fly in if we can get the bait up to our lights like we want.

    I made the following buoy to hold a battery and dangle a light from.


    Mark SidesMark Sides

    The heavy rains nailed us as well.
    Had to reschedule a Musky hunt in southern Missouri due to high water levels in lake Pomme De Terre. We have had two separate and major floods from the Missouri River wipe out hundreds over 660 acres of bean and corn planting and when the water recedes there is a layer of Asian carp in the 5 – 10lb. size range left covering the fields. Makes for a wonderful fertilizer but gawd’ the stench is horrendous.
    Throughout the state the small spring creeks we fish were all way over the banks for long periods and just recently got “better”.

    John StanleyJohn Stanley

    Zach, look at the bright side, Lake Lanier is at full summer pool. This will keep Atlanta with fresh water, for few weeks.

    Jeff SmithJeff Smith

    Well, The Great Flood of 2013 has passed here in Southern Alberta but the damage that was caused to homes, towns and cities is unbelievable. The damage to habitat is also incredible. The course of several well known trout waters in Alberta has been altered, pools and runs are gone it appears. Mother Nature is resilient and has seen this before no doubt.
    A friend who guides the Bow sent me some pictures of the damage to the Lower Bow.
    Here in SE Alberta where I live, the South Sask River was running at nearly 6000 cubic meters/sec. The S Sask is formed by the confluence of the Bow and Oldman systems, both of which flooded.
    Hopefully fishing returns to normally quickly.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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