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    Colin M.Colin M.

    Pictures of your favorite catches of 2008 fire away guys, i wanna see some sweet fish.

    parker allie

    It was hard to pick one so I threw a montage together of all the fish my friends and I landed in 2008 on our site…

    (site =

    lee church

    I’ll play.

    first muskie on a fly

    First of 3 trips to CO

    First of a banner steelie year finally broke 25

    Biggest catch of the year…new fishing buddy

    First trip to AK

    First trip to Glacier

    First Laker T on the fly

    Ended up breaking 120 days on the water and had a blast doin it!


    david knapp

    2008 was a great year for me and its hard to pick my favorites but here are a few of the more memorable fish…

    Caney Fork Brown, caught in August on a #20 zebra midge after 15 minutes of sight fishing…

    First time chasing lake-run rainbows in the southeast…

    Best brown trout in the Smokies for the year caught in July…

    First time I’ve ever had a trout take me to my backing…big Gunnison River rainbow…one of the strongest fish I’ve ever played…

    First time fishing the Cumberland…

    Fall on the Caney Fork was great this year…

    Gary Sundin

    Nice fish.  I’ve always dreamed of muskies.  2008 was not a remarkable fishing year for me; but it had its moments.  I did very little trout fishing.


    lee church

    Gary educate me man…what kind of trout is that?

    John BennettJohn Bennett

    Didn’t do as much fishing as  would have liked.
    That said we did get some nice Browns this year.


    This was my best of the year

    Nice brookie I caught at the end of Aug.

    And while I didn’t “catch” this Rainbow it is by far my favorite “catch” of 2008

    tradd d


    Good to see you here.

    Colin M.Colin M.

    You should post some anyways… I love the photography on this site, and the lay out overall… I’ll post some of my 2008 guys once a few more people put up shots…

    Gary Sundin

    John Bennett, that last shot of airborne salmonid is incredible.

    Gary educate me man…what kind of trout is that?  Gila, Tiger?

    That’s a tiger trout.

    Neal Osborn

    The good

    The Bad

    The Ugly

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Most memorable –> 1st ever bonefish…Walkwade…no guide…crab pattern, Chamber of Commerce bonefish

    2 Best Wild Browns of ’08 both on same day…

    Finally two shots of my best fishing buddy…


    It was indeed a good year!

    Here are my favs!

    Gary: Your tiger is stunning compared to this lil stocker!

    Colin M.Colin M.

    The shot of the Mako….incredible….

    tradd d

    Sharks and Bones on a Fly pretty hard to beat!

    Steve K.Steve K.

    My favorite catch of 2008 was not exactly MY catch. I was able to take my 16 year old son on his first trip to Alaska. We saw some amazing stuff and he caught the biggest trout of his life. Shortly after he landed the fish, we had to vacate the run due to another fisherman with very poor manners.

    lee church

    Corey that picture of the tiger is still one of my favorites.

    Drifter that AK trip was one of the best reports of last year.


    Mike L.

    I always feel inadequate putting up my poor photos next to those of all of yours.

    Jim LamprosJim Lampros

    Great stuff guys. Some memorable fish in there for sure.  He’s a few  that stick out for me

    First ever Cutty

    South Fork Double

    Her first Western Trout

    Cold Steel


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