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    Since everyone on here is an avid fly fisherman, I would appreciate your feedback concerning the Federation of Fly Fishers.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I participate in my local chapter (Carolina Fly Fishing Club) as a member (no other role) and I am a volunteer to help with the Southeastern Council’s Annual Fly Fishing Festival (formerly “Conclave”), which will take place at Unicoi State Park in Unicoi, GA, on June 2-4.


    Hey Aaron,

    I’ll try and help you out with your questions.

    Allan DozierAllan Dozier

    I am more active with FFF than TU but have never held office in either.

    I plan on living forever, so far so good.


    Hello Aaron… to make any volunteer organization viable it takes many people like you to lend a hand. Thanks for your vim and vigor!

    I am a working member of the FFF.

    I’ve attend both regional and national conclaves. I go for the educational opportunities as well as the opportunity to hob-nob with other casting nuts!

    The value I see in the FFF is the fact they make no bones about it… they are here to promote fly fishing… all species, all waters.

    I have no thoughts on gaining membership but hope others have ideas to that effect. Our (your) club, the CFFC has problems bringing in the younger generation here locally.

    As for donations, all we can do is assure donors that they will be given credit and press in our newsletters and on our websites as sponsors. Other than that I have no other suggestions.

    Thanks for stepping up. It is great to already see the energy you’re putting into your position with the S/E council of the FFF.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    I joined the FFF in order to take the certified instructor test for the podcast.

    Allan DozierAllan Dozier

    Zach, are you nuts?!

    I plan on living forever, so far so good.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Long story; I had an abandoned house next to me and I was hoping to get something done about it.


    HOA’s? I thought they were unconstitutional? Ha.


     The FFF is a great organization and I recognize that it has a different set of goals than TU, but personally I’d love it if they could find a way to work more directly together.  For instance, I definitely think there could be joint TU/FFF chapters that serve both organizations at the same time. Zach

    Zach, from my understanding there are many TU chapters that are also affiliate clubs of the FFF. To me that makes a lot of sense as the mission of the FFF is to promote fly fishing. TU’s mission is cold water conservation though locally many TU chapters are more like fly fishing clubs. Though the FFF does a lot for conservation, it seems pooling our resources would simply strengthen both organizations.
    If no FFF club is in your area simply start one. The FFF is very good at helping you along the way from initial planning and creating by-laws to setting up your 501(c)(3) status.
    The only way we got the Carolina club up and running is through the aid of the FFF and the assistance of a few good volunteers.


    I appreciate all the feedback.  

    Craig, if you can make the event, please look me up. (Send me a note in advance and I will give you my mobile #).  We would love to have you attend.  

    From my perspective, I appreciate the chance to learn from some of the best casting instructors out there and I am grateful for the friends I have made – such as Allan, Jack and Neal.  The regional meetings have also proved to be a good place to meet up with my dad, who has developed a significantly increased interest in fly fishing.  (He lives in Alabama, and I am in N. Carolina, so the annual festival is a good mid-point for us).

    Someday, I would like to go for my CCI.

    When our local club came about, I held off.  In all honesty, I thought it seemed silly to go to meetings about fishing – why not just go fishing – but I was wrong.  I am a big believer in the organization.  The willingness of members to help others advance in the sport is truly unique.  I am a mediocre fly tier. I cast well enough to get by in most cold-water situations but I want to be much better.  Salt is my new goal.

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