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    Colin M.Colin M.

    Timer photos, mostly focused but not perfect…

    Dry fly…probably a hold over fish possibly an old wild fish in an unstocked stream, these fish move up out of stream with class A water that also receives a stocking from time to time…

    Fought very very hard, atypical for a freshly stocked fish.


    awesome…merry christmas charlie BROWN!

    Eric WellerEric Weller

    what part of PA was that caught?

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Eric, its from the Eastern part.

    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Great fish Colin.



    You gotta stop callin those drainage ditches streams.
    Nice fish

    Colin M.Colin M.

    John, you couldn’t be more right, that thing does literally live in a drainage ditch…

    andrew sturt

    Very nice mate. Interesting looking fish, very different to what our Browns typically look like.


    That is almost a classic coloration for a Pennsylvania brown. I frequently refer to them as “butter bellies” because of the wonderful golden color they carry on their bellies.

    Justin WittJustin Witt

    Doesn’t look like any stocker I’ve ever seen.


    Definitely not a “stocker,” (i.e., freshly stocked) but maybe a holdover.  Once they’ve been in the water for a year, it’s awfully hard to tell the stocked fish from the hatchery-bred ones, unless there are lingering after-effects from fin damage still present.  Sometimes if a hatchery fish’s fins wear down to the nubs from the hatchery raceways, the fins will grow back with a bit of a crinkle or curl instead of being perfectly straight.

    In the fish in the photo, the pectoral fin facing the camera might have a bit of a kink in it, but it’s awfully hard to tell.

    Beautiful fish regardless of where it was born.



    Looks like a raceway in Allentown..without the Big Mac wrappers.

    Great fish! And on a dry!

    Colin M.Colin M.

    Brian that fin is exactly why i think it may have been stocked somewhere at some point.


    Brian that fin is exactly why i think it may have been stocked somewhere at some point.

    Great minds think alike.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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