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    Zach Matthews
    The Itinerant Angler

    Hey guys –

    I’m headed to Yosemite later this summer with the family, and I’d like to at least wet a line while I’m there so I can say I did. Anyone have any advice on where to go within the park? I know it’s not exactly known for its fishing.


    Bob RigginsBob Riggins

    I am certainly not an expert on the area, but have fished there. First of all, forget the Merced River within the park. It is way to crowded. It gets better just outside the park but access can be tricky. If I was fishing Yosemite, I would head to Tuolumne Meadows and fish the Dana Fork and Lyell Fork, upstream from the meadows. You will get away from the crowds. The area is not a dramatic as the valley, but the scenery is nice and the hike along the Lyell is beautiful. Both are relatively small streams and hold smallish brown trout. I had good luck there and was glad to get away from the madness below.

    Just an aside, I have a bear picture that is going to be published in a book about Yosemite.


    Did you ever make this trip? I would suggest carrying a pack rod and carry it with you on all of your hikes. I did the trip a few years ago during a Spring with heavy run off. Most of the rivers were blown out but I still toted the rod and fished every chance I could get. While this runoff made for poor fishing it made for spectacular waterfalls. My best luck was just below Yosemite Falls. The background scenery is amazing fishing in Yosemite!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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