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Article: DIY Adventure

My article from the Spring 2012 "Adventure" issue of Fly Rod & Reel magazine, on planning your own do-it-yourself backcountry trip, has made the website and is now online for free!

"All of us dream of adventure—the three-day float deep into a map where the only pathways are rivers and game trails.

But to pull it off, you have to be properly equipped. A few years back, I spent the most uncomfortable night of my life camped on a solid sheet of ice in sub-freezing temperatures next to a trout stream in Arkansas. It was February, and yet I had only a thin-wall tent, no stove, and a cheap sleeping bag that in no way deserved its 20-degree rating. That trip illustrated just how important quality gear can be—especially when you’re miles from the car, in places where the weather can be a touch unpredictable..."

Keep reading on FlyRodReel.com!

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